Thursday, March 17, 2016

Cooking With your Other Half: Can It Bring You Closer Together?

Do you cook with your other half? Is making meals together something you enjoy? Or is it something that you would NOT do, ever! Having someone in the way can be a real pain when you are trying to get things done in the kitchen. Or it might be that he’d try and fiddle with your carefully honed favourite recipes? It may seem crazy, but it’s a fact - cooking together can help strengthen your relationship.

Why not have a date night at home where you cook together? You can go shopping together first and choose what you’re going to cook, although it might be best to have an idea before you go. You don’t want to spend hours looking blankly at the shelves in a supermarket for hours! There is so much choice; you can often be overwhelmed by it all. There are some simple but tasty meals if you look at Jamie Oliver’s recipes
If you don’t fancy trekking around the aisles of the supermarket for the umpteenth time, then why not check out a farmers market instead? You’ll find awesome quality, local produce, and it might be more affordable than you have been led to believe. Who knows, you might even get to try something you’ve never tasted before. You could even find a new favourite! Doing new things together and discovering more common interests is vital for any relationship to grow. You don’t want things to go stale. You can find other ways to keep your relationship alive by reading this.

Don’t forget to buy something to drink with your romantic meal! Matching your wine to your food can take your home cooked meal to the next level. Wine is no longer just for special occasions. New world wines are surprisingly affordable and very drinkable. And don’t feel you have to stand by any old-fashioned rules. You don’t have to have a red wine with red meat and white with chicken or lighter dishes. Modern reds can be light too, so the only rule is going with what you like, and don’t be scared to try new things! For more about matching wine with food, go here.

Once you’ve bought all your ingredients, it’s time to hit the kitchen. Maybe you could tackle a course each, or you might just decide to do it all as a partnership. Working as a team helps strengthen your bond, and brings you closer together. Remember not to take it all too seriously, either. You’re meant to be having fun. Try not to get too competitive either, although it can be hard if you’re both that way inclined. A little healthy competition is fine, but it's amazing how in the heat of a kitchen how fast a niggle can escalate into a full-blown argument! And that kind of defeats the purpose….

Set a table for you to eat together properly. So many of us are guilty of eating in front of the TV with our places on our laps. Take time to talk to your partner and listen to them. It’s all too easy to only half listen to people when you are busy in your day to day life. Your relationship will be all the better for it!

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