Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A New Lifestyle Journey...

So last month I decided to buy a Fitbit. Even though I know I live mostly a sedentary life, I am excited to use this to take on a new journey. Well, maybe a new chapter of a journey I've been trying to travel on for quite some time. Read along, and maybe you'll join me?

I make no claims to being a small or super healthy person. I'm not. I like pizza and french fries and super nachos from my local Mexican food joint (because omg the carne asada is amazing!). But I know that I need to do something. 

I'll let you in on something I've been dreading... my last blood test shows that I'm pre-pre-diabetic. Does that make sense? I was only a few points away of being labeled pre-diabetic. That freaked me out! I've also been noticing my blood pressure has been elevated. Normally, I run a pretty normal 120/80. But lately, I've been in the "moderate" or what I call the "yellow" section. The top number goes up a little, and most times its not for any reason. I can just be sitting here on the couch and decide to take my blood pressure with the little cuff I got a while back and it'll tell me it's in the warning range. What the crap?!

So, I know I can make better choices. So I'm trying to. More cooking, less ordering. I'm going to allow myself to still enjoy "junk" foods from time to time because let's be honest, you have to have some cheat days to make it all worth it! I'm trying to turn around my relationship with food because it's never been about nourishment. It's always been about the joy, comfort and safety it brings. I don't know when this horrid relationship started, but I wish I knew. I wish I could look back and say it's because this reason, or that reason. But I honestly don't have any of that to put it on. 

So I guess I'll blame it on myself? 

So, I have to remember, no more mindless snacking while watching TV. If I feel the need to snack, grab a small handful, and leave it at that. Or grab a yogurt, maybe some Smart Pop (because I love it!). If I think I'm still hungry after that, I'm going to drink water, walk around or do something productive to fulfill myself. 

I also want to share my weekly progress with you. I want to upload my stats as a screen shot from my Fitbit. I would LOVE if you added me and we can motivate each other!
If you'd like to add me on Fitbit, please do! Here's my link: https://www.fitbit.com/user/4BD3ZD 

And this will be my first weekly check-in with my Fitbit stats.
I notice I way undereat. So I need to make a conscious effort to have a healthy breakfast. I tend to skip it, often. 

This is the update I get in my emails. (edited the photo to keep my friends personal info excluded)
The battery in my scale died, so I can't weigh myself! So I have no idea if I've lost (or gained). So I've adjusted my goals to get me a little more than I've got here (step-wise, 5k per day). Once I start hitting that consistently, then I'll adjust it to do more. 

So share with me your tips, tricks, ideas, recipes, everything! And join me! :) I'd love to cheer you if you cheer me :) 
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