Tuesday, March 22, 2016

4 Occasions When You Should Give A Bottle Of Wine As A Gift!

Wine is one of our favourite tipples and is a great way to celebrate a party or a birthday. It is also fab for a night in or with a romantic dinner for you and your partner. As we previously discussed here, many people give alcohol as a present for different occasions. It’s a versatile gift, but which occasions should you give a bottle of wine? We discuss four here where a bottle of wine would make a great gift.


A wedding can be a very expensive time for a guest. They spend money on getting to the venue and finding suitable accommodation. And then have to pay out for a present for the happy couple. A bottle of wine is a great present idea for the newlyweds. It’s something they can enjoy drinking together, and they can keep it till they get back from honeymoon. To make it extra special, you could buy a limited edition wine from a company such as Liquor Barn. Or you could even purchase a bottle of champagne which is ideal for celebrating with when they mark their first anniversary. Wine is also an excellent accompaniment to some money or a gift voucher they may have requested. Some couples even put wine on their gift list as an alternative to regular items.


An anniversary is a great time to buy a bottle of wine as a gift. It’s particularly useful as the couple can share the present, rather than you having to buy individual gifts for each person. As this article suggests, some people recommend a dessert wine for the first anniversary. A bottle of champagne is a good choice for their fifth anniversary. A bottle of sparkling wine would be great as it will remind them of their big day. Wine is great as a gift for an anniversary as they can enjoy it while they have their anniversary dinner.

Special birthday

A bottle of wine is an ideal choice for a birthday, especially if you have run out of other ideas. It’s especially great if it is a special birthday such as a 21st or 40th. You can spend more to make it extra special, and they will enjoy drinking as part of their birthday celebrations. It’s also versatile so it could be for a man or woman as they will both enjoy a bottle of wine.


A party is a great occasion to give a bottle of wine as a gift. Wine is known to be an excellent accompaniment to dinner or even just to drink with some nibbles. If you are going for a girls night, a bottle of wine will be great to share with everyone and would be an ideal choice as a gift. Also, wine is good if you don’t know the people hosting very well as it’s a well-liked gift that they will use that night.

The above occasions are perfect for a bottle of wine, and you know that whatever, you will always get a positive reception to alcohol!

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