Thursday, March 31, 2016

Help! My Kids Won't Sleep When Nights Are Lighter

*It should be noted, in Arizona we do not observe DST. But this post is still helpful for anyone once the warmer months start to kick in*

It can be tough getting used to the time changes when Daylight Saving Time kicks in. We may only lose an hour, but it can take a little while for our bodies to adjust adequately. You may feel more tired than usual, especially in the mornings. Your snooze button might be getting a bit of an extra hammering, getting out of bed is a tough job for most of us at the very best of times!  It’s a real boon to have extra hours of daylight, and it’s a sure sign that summer is on the way.

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So if you find it hard to adjust, imagine how hard it is for your little ones. You’ll probably know that already, though! It’s not much fun for any of you, and when kids are tired, they are grumpy. Now, no one needs that! Bringing up children is a tough job, and it doesn’t help when they’re not firing on all cylinders. Tiredness can lead to tantrums and acting up. But try not to worry, it will pass, and there are steps you can take to make it much easier for everyone!

Helpful Tips to Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays

So, now we’re officially into the start of April you should have begun your spring cleaning. After all, now that the weather is getting brighter it’s time to get moving! We can’t hibernate forever, and unless you start making an effort now, you might find yourself living in chaos. It’s so easy to let things slide. There’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done as it is, and by the time you get to the end of your regular daily tasks? If you’ve got any energy left to do anything more than crawl to bed, then you’re doing pretty well. Especially if you have untidy kids. Doing extra tidying up or decluttering may be the last thing that you feel like doing.

It does pay to make the effort, though, because before you know it the holidays will be here. If you receive a lot of guests, and you usually have to spend weeks cleaning before their arrival? Then it’s time for a change. If you get everything in order now, you could be saving time and effort for months to come.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Creative Gift Ideas You'll Love!

Buying somebody a gift is a great way to celebrate a big event, congratulate them, thank them, or just tell them you love them! If you’re stuck for gift ideas, you’re in the right place. Here are some creative gift ideas you’ll love:

Handmade Jewellery

Handmade jewellery is so much better than jewellery you can buy from a regular store. This jewellery will be one of a kind, and you could even make it yourself if you’re confident in your abilities! There are tutorials online that can tell you what you need. A little practice and you might be able to create something for somebody that they adore. Nobody else will have it, making it extra special!

A Jar or Book of Things You Love About Them

If this is somebody really special to you and you want to surprise them in a big way, why not make them a jar or book of things that you love about them? All you have to do is think of a bunch of things, no matter how small, that you love about this person. Then you could tell them to pick one slip out of the jar every day, for example, and it’s bound to put a smile on their face! Obviously, the more you can think of, the better. Then all you have to do is make sure they are presented nicely and you’ve got yourself a cheap but seriously thoughtful gift.


The gift of food is always a pleasant one. Who doesn’t love to eat? You can get all kinds of food gifts, from hampers to meals out somewhere nice. You could even make something special if you fancy yourself as a bit of a chef. A simple box of chocolates is a popular gift, with good reason! Don’t neglect to consider the old favourites when you’re buying somebody a gift.

A Photo Canvas/Frame/Album

Pick some photos of your favourite times together. You can then easily create a photo canvas using online services. You could even simply print and frame it, or create an album. Gifts like this will mean a lot to people!


An Experience Day

Experience days can be so much better than gifts you physically hold in your hands. After all, you’re giving them the gift of doing something fun, exciting, and new. You could buy them a skydive, take them out for the day, or go scuba diving. There are all kinds of options out there. They range in price too, so you can make it as cheap or as pricey as you can afford.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription to something they’re interested in can be a great gift. They’ll feel like they’re getting a gift each month the magazine comes through the door! The great thing about magazine subscriptions is they are really cheap too. You can nearly always find discount codes for them.

I hope you love these gift ideas and they give you some food for thought. Have fun!

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4 Occasions When You Should Give A Bottle Of Wine As A Gift!

Wine is one of our favourite tipples and is a great way to celebrate a party or a birthday. It is also fab for a night in or with a romantic dinner for you and your partner. As we previously discussed here, many people give alcohol as a present for different occasions. It’s a versatile gift, but which occasions should you give a bottle of wine? We discuss four here where a bottle of wine would make a great gift.


Friday, March 18, 2016

AdoramaPix Hexagon Metal Prints

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I have written about AdoramaPix before (see here). But now they have hexagon shapes available! 

AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their contemporary metal prints capture memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Because your images are infused right into the metal, and not painted on the surface, their metal prints are extremely durable. Not only will your metal image be water and weather proof, but scratch resistant as well. You can even clean it with glass cleaner. Your memories deserve to live in true, archival luxury with AdoramaPix metal prints.

You can find all the fun gift ideas HERE.  My readers get to save! 25% off Hexagon #Metal Prints! Use promo code: PXHEXMTL25 expires 06/ 15 /2016

For this post, I will receive my own, which I'll share at a later date.
This post is made in partnership with US Family Guide.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Buying For Your Man? Here Are The Best Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for the man in your life can be difficult. They either don’t tell us what they want or just awkward to buy for. It seems that they only want expensive gifts so it can get quite costly. But rest assured here is a few budget-friendly gift ideas for the man in your life. Whether it’s a special occasion or a gift just because one of these will be sure to fit the bill.


Cooking With your Other Half: Can It Bring You Closer Together?

Do you cook with your other half? Is making meals together something you enjoy? Or is it something that you would NOT do, ever! Having someone in the way can be a real pain when you are trying to get things done in the kitchen. Or it might be that he’d try and fiddle with your carefully honed favourite recipes? It may seem crazy, but it’s a fact - cooking together can help strengthen your relationship.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Robots 4 U Arizona - 60% Off Summer Camps

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DYNAMIC ART & DESIGN Summer Camps Now Enrolling - Where Technology Meets Creativity! 

Campers having a BLAST, while learning and playing in a dynamic environment. Learning about Robotics and Science, in an independent and exciting way!
Visit our WEB Sites and to see dates and locations for these day camps.

- Robot / Science / Engineering / Day Camp / Challenges

- Camps Girls and Boys - Aged 7 to 14
- Robot Camps and Dynamic Art Camps offered during June, July and August
- Hands on Learning, Self-Paced. Beginners to Expert!


S.T.E.A.M. education: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math!
ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camps Now Enrolling - Where Fun, Thinking & Learning comes to Life

- 1 week (5 days) long
- Days: Monday to Friday Times: 9:00-11:30 a.m. and 12:30-3:00 p.m.
- CAMPERS RATIO: 1 Instructor to 16 participants
-Register early as camps do fill up quickly!
- Each Camper Individually uses a ROBOTICS or DYNAMIC ART Kit. Robot kits do not go home with campers but are available for purchase!

SAVE 60% Off ROBOTS-4-U Summer Camp with Code: TEX1660M15  Expires 3/31

Visit them on Facebook!

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Top 3 Ways To Get More Sleep At Night!

Getting to sleep at night can be quite difficult sometimes. Your mind likes to wander, and we start to think about what is going on in our life. And even if you are going to bed early, if you are not getting quality sleep, you are going to be exhausted the next day.

Sometimes there are things out of control that can upset our sleeping habits such as children waking up, loud noises and sickness. But here are a few things we can control to try and get our beauty sleep, so we are ready for the day ahead.

Try and clear your mind

It might sound easier than it is, but going to bed and not worrying is key to having a good night’s sleep. One tip is a nice warm bath, which will help to calm your body and your thoughts before going to bed. Another way to try and clear your mind is to read a book, but don’t choose anything too heavy for a bedtime read. You could also listen to soft music in your room, and concentrate on that rather than your own thoughts. There are some great playlists on Youtube to help you cure insomnia.

It is also wise to take some deep breaths in bed which will help you unwind and relax your body. Here we talk about more tips you can take to help relax and unwind during the day, which will lead to a peaceful nights sleep.

Upgrade your bedroom

Your bedroom may be upsetting your sleeping pattern, and some simple changes could mean a few hours more kip. The temperature is very important. If the room is too cold or too hot, it could mean you are moving around in the night, and won’t be getting enough satisfactory sleep.

The actual bed you sleep in can also affect your sleep. If your pillows aren’t up to scratch, it might be time to replace them, otherwise, you could be waking up in the night with an aching back.

Similarly, if your mattress affects your sleep, it would be good to replace it with a more comfortable one that supports your back. It’s worth researching the different mattress types to see which one would suit you. There are many different ones available, including Organic ones from sites such as

Don’t eat or drink late

Heavy eating at night can cause bad dreams, which will mean a lack of quality sleep. We know that things crop up which mean eating dinner has to be at a later time, but if possible, you should try and eat earlier in the evening.

And it’s not just food that can cause terrible sleep. Drinking alcohol just before bed can lead to bad sleep while too much caffeine will lead you to be wide awake at night. And if you are drinking too much, you will be going to the toilet in the night, which will lead to a shortened amount of sleep.

There are some further tips on here about getting more shut-eye at night. Hopefully, once you do, you can feel more proactive and happy in the day.

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Essential Gadget Gifts For Your Guy

If you’re on the lookout for a great gift for your guy, then head to the gadget stores. Lots of us use electronic devices and gadgets for everyday tasks. Men are no exception. In fact, there is a long list of gizmos and gadgets that men would love to have and that men have to have. So what will make the best gift for your fella? Check out this list of must-have gadgets that also happen to make best-loved gifts:

Electric Shaver
Chances are your man uses a shaver of some description already. Even those guys that keep a beard need to use a shaver for those awkward areas that need shaping. You could find out which is the best budget electric shaver this year and wrap it up ready for a birthday or Christmas gift. There are plenty of choices. You should pick one that you can trust to look after your man’s delicate skin. And if he does have a beard, chances are he could do with a great electric beard trimmer too.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

#WinVZW $1k Giveaway!

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Right now, you can enter to win a $100 Verizon Wireless gift card. It's OK if you're not a customer, you can use it to buy accessories! Think headphones, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, etc.

#WinVZW Verizon Wireless Giveaway

If you happen to be looking for a new carrier, Verizon will be offering a great deal.
Deal Details:
$50 Off Select Smartphones + Bonus 24GB Every Year for Life!
Must activate a phone on XL or larger size plan.
Promo Code: VZWDEAL
Includes Free Shipping.
New device payment activation required. Other restrictions may apply.
Expires 3/31/16
You can click the banner below to get the deal on the service, or click the banner above to enter the giveaway (or do both!).

$50 off Select Smartphones at VZW

#WinVZW Giveaway Details:
Wednesday, March 9th at 12:00 AM ET to Friday, March 11th at 11:59 PM ET.
Ten (10) winners will receive a $100.00 gift card to Verizon Wireless.
Users can enter the giveaway by heading to the Verizon Wireless page on and submitting their email address on the form at the top of the page.
The winners will be chosen through a lottery drawing and notified on Tuesday (3/15) via the email address they used to enter.
See complete Official Rules for entry instructions, full prize descriptions, restrictions and other important details.

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Family Gatherings: How to Avoid the Stress

Family gatherings always have the potential to go well or go badly. When you get everyone together, anything can happen. But it’s certainly true that it’s very stressful for you if you are the one hosting the whole gathering. You can take some of the stress out of the occasion if you plan it carefully, though. Here are some great tips that will help you avoid that stress.

5 New Hobbies To Take Up This Spring

Spring is a time for making changes and trying new things. This year, why not take up some new hobbies? If you’ve got a little time to devote to a new interest, here are five suggestions to inspire you.

1. Learn a new language
Is your French or Spanish rusty? Have you always wanted to learn Italian? Are you intrigued by Russian or Polish? If so, now is the time to do some research and find out about classes in your local area. If you can’t find anything nearby, don’t panic. You can learn online and practise using DVDs and audiobooks. Learning languages enables you to communicate with others. It also gives you a greater appreciation of different cultures. If you’re heading to South America or Spain this summer, why not learn a few key phrases before you go, for example?

2. Photography
Do you often marvel at other people’s pictures or wonder why your photos never turn out well? Photography classes teach you how to take better photographs and navigate your way around a camera. If you don’t already have a camera, have a browse around and read some reviews. The Canon EOS 7D Mark II is a good place to start. Once you have the basic knowledge, you can start practising and showing off the fruits of your labour. If people make comments about your work, you could host a small exhibition or start creating gifts, such as canvases.

The Things I Should Have Said

This post is my entry for the #BehindTheBlogger writing prompt. I hope you enjoy my post and follow along to the other blogs taking part. You can find their links below!

This week's prompt is "Things I should have said". Geez, I'm sure if I sat here and really thought about it, there is so much. Just so much to so many people for so many reasons. So I've got to sit here and think about what I'm going to say here... There's so much that could be said.

So keep on reading. ;)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Adult Braces: Advantages You Need To Know About

If you avoid smiling and feel embarrassed about how your teeth look, braces could be the ideal solution. They are as popular as ever and not just with teenagers. Many parents and adults have started to use braces to get the smile they’ve always wanted. They can close gaps in your smile, straighten your teeth and even line up your jaw for an enhanced bite. The stigma surrounding braces has also decreased as more and more people are beginning to wear them. If you’ve always wanted straight teeth and a more confident smile but need more convincing here are some other advantages to adult braces.

Worried About Your Child's Future? Here's Some Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I constantly worry about my child’s future. Are they going to do well in school? Are they healthy? Am I doing enough to guarantee the opportunities that they need? I’m sure I’m not alone in these worries. In fact, I think every parent thinks about these things. So, what can you do to reassure yourself it’s all going to be okay? I’ve got some ideas and be warned; a couple are pretty outlandish. But, if it calms your mind, they might be worth looking into.

Simple Ways to Relax and Unwind


Sometimes it seems as though everyone is a rush. We rush around the house in the morning, getting ready to go to work. Then we rush to get the bus or the train and sit or stand in a crowded carriage. When we get to work we have emails and meetings, and we rarely get a chance to enjoy a proper lunch break. After work, we’re rushing to pick the kids up and then there is housework to do and meals to make. We get up the next day and do it all over again. When does it all stop?

Does Your Child Stammer?

When kids learn to talk, like anything any of us does, they don’t always get it right first time. This is entirely normal and a big part of the learning process. How do we know if we can do something unless we try? Learning how to do things is more often than not a case of trial and error. The lesson is to learn from your mistakes. But sometimes, it’s just not that simple!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Five First Dates on a Budget


Spending time with a significant other needn’t be expensive. Often, just being with that person is enough. You don’t need a fancy venue or an expensive meal. Sometimes nights just spent talking for hours on end are the most memorable.

Your first date is a little different, though. There are certain expectations and a need to impress. You want to show your best self and make a good first impression. If your date becomes an important part of your life, then you will never forget that first date. Of course, if it is a total shambles it’s likely you won’t forget that either. But we’ll gloss over that for now.

The following are sure-fire ways to impress him/her that don’t cost the earth. They are not extravagant or showy. Just simple, ways to have a good night (or day) out.

How To Effectively Run Your Child's Football Team

As a parent, you’ve probably been roped into a great many of your children’s activities. After all, they’re at that age where they want to be active and running about, and that usually means you’ll have to be the one helping them out!

Many kids are members of a football team, and these are almost always volunteer driven. The parents don’t get paid, but they’re rewarded with that great big smile on their child’s face. It’s not always easy to get this right, especially if the team in question has a lot of members. You have to organise matches, events, rewards and training, all while working during the day and cooking dinner at night. As a parent, multitasking is key!

This post will run you through some of the things you should be doing if you find yourself in this position. You don’t necessarily have to be a sporting expert; you just have to be organised and decisive!


Important Questions To Ask Before Going Under The Knife

No matter how you feel about plastic surgery, it has been proved to boost the confidence and self-esteem of women throughout the world. But while it can make you feel better about your appearance, it’s also something you should never do on impulse. It is an operation after all. You need to make sure you take some time to consider all aspects of your surgery from recovery times to expenses. So if you’re eager to get cosmetic surgery, here are some important questions for you to consider before going under the knife.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sharp Shirter For The Win: The Review

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I posted a while back about Sharp Shirter (click to see the post), a fun website selling animal items, most of which are hilarious. They also donate money from purchases to help protect animals (more about that on their website!).

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A New Lifestyle Journey...

So last month I decided to buy a Fitbit. Even though I know I live mostly a sedentary life, I am excited to use this to take on a new journey. Well, maybe a new chapter of a journey I've been trying to travel on for quite some time. Read along, and maybe you'll join me?

What Do My Kids Really Need?

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t give my kids if I could. They are the most important people in the world to me. Everything I do is with their future in mind. It’s not easy, especially on those tough days when they’re being difficult! But their lives are the one thing I nurture above everything else. I want them to be happy and successful in all they do, just like any parent would.

Like most families we have our problems and our ups and downs. I try my best to respond to those situations calmly and with as much clarity as I can muster. But like other families, I can’t help but point the finger of blame sometimes. Maybe it was the candies. Perhaps the school is failing to help enough. Was it something I did? I know it all goes with the territory of parenting, but that doesn’t make it any easier.


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