Saturday, February 13, 2016

You Make Me Smile... | #BehindTheBlogger

This is my entry for this weeks #BehindTheBlogger series. I hope you follow along to all the blogs!

Of course you already know who this post is about: My Kids!! They are wonderful happenings in my life and I'm super happy they call me mommy. I want to take this time in this post to share a bit about my kiddos.

I have two. I had my son in 2004, just 6 weeks or so before my 18th birthday. He obviously was not planned. I of course was nervous and scared, but everything went OK. He was due July 4, but I ended up needing to be induced because he didn't want to come out. Went in on the 12th, had him the 13th via c-section. I got stuck for about 7 hours at about 7cm. The doctor wasn't happy with that, so we needed to take him out. Eviction notice was served LOL. I am not with his biological "father", and haven't been since he was about 3 weeks old. It was also the time that we (parents, sister and I) moved to Arizona from Ohio. He chose not to come - even though previously he was excited to. His loss. Just after a few weeks in Arizona, I met the man who would become my husband. He is a wonderful father to my - no, our son. And I couldn't have asked for more. Best part, he is also from Ohio! Crazy world we live in.

A few years later we find out that my son has ADHD and is on the autism spectrum. He is not your typical diagnosis of autism. We struggle, and we pray that one day everything will click and life will start to get easier. We have hope, we know that one day it will get easier.

And then 8 years later I have my daughter. Our families are so excited because she is the first girl between my sister and I, and my husbands brother doesn't have any kids. Needless to say she's a princess. She was due September 9, 2012. But I was having horrible pain in my right hip and I needed her out. I tried everything to try to naturally go into labor, and she didn't comply. My doctor tried to do a membrane sweep, but it didn't work with me. So I was induced on September 11. She didn't want to come til the day later, and by c-section. I got to about 5 cm, and started going backwards! And then the epidural was wearing off on my right side and I was in so much pain. So we went to do a c-section almost a full 24 hours after my water being broken. There was meconium, and I bled a little extra, but other than that all is well. I actually have her birth story listed here.

She is currently 3 1/2 and we're trying to potty train. Dear goodness she doesn't want to! My son was about 4 years and 3 months before he finally got it. So, I'd love your tips if you have any!!!

We didn't plan on waiting 8 years, life happened, and it wasn't time before then. But it's so nice having my son be so much older! I would not have made it if I had two little kids at a time LOL. Those of you who do it, props to you!

These two make me smile. Of course I have days where I'm wanting to pull my hair out - but then there's days where I see their smile and I am just so in love.

Thanks for stopping by and reading me ramble about my kiddos.

But seriously, if you have any tips on potty training, I'd be super happy if you left them below!!!

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  1. Beautiful little ones you have.. what a sweet post.

  2. My kiddos are the ones that make me smile, as well!! Loved your post :)

  3. You have the most darling little ones! They grow up SO fast keep em close as long as you can! xox


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