Thursday, February 11, 2016

Making Memories in 2016: Why Photographs Matter More Than Ever

Have you ever found an old memory card or mobile phone and suddenly discovered some long-forgotten photos? Whatever happened to photo albums?

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It’s amazing how, in this digital age, that we are taking more pictures than ever. The explosion of smartphones means there is almost always a camera to hand. But how often do we print them out these days? The way we share our photos has changed.  When I was a kid you used to take pictures on an actual camera, that used film!

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You’d take the spool once it was finished to a drugstore or a photo-developer shop to be printed. You could also send them away and receive the copies back in the mail. When you did finally get your hands on your pictures, you’d spend hours arranging them into photo albums. My parents still like to bring theirs out at family gatherings…. I just love being reminded of my teenage years, and I hope my taste in fashion has improved since then, for sure!

The way we share the photos that we take has evolved beyond recognition over the last ten years. Social media has almost entirely replaced traditional photo albums. It’s also diversified the type of images we like to capture.  It is very unlikely in days gone by you would have taken pictures of your favorite meals, and then shown them to all of your friends. Unless you were a chef or a food photographer, it would have just seemed weird!  Apps like Instagram give everyone the opportunity to edit and filter their pictures. Such simple editing software gives anyone with no technical knowledge the chance to fix and crop their images and add filters. Using such apps can give a much more professional look and style to even the most hastily taken snaps.

Image: Adrian Clark

One of the more traditional types of photography to survive the digital media age is the good old fashioned photo shoot. Family photographers are still in high demand. Who can resist those cute newborn shots? They’re a great idea for a memento no matter how old your kids are. Professionals are far more adept at getting everyone to look the same way at once. This is a skill not be underestimated. Goodness knows I have tried so often, but who listens to Mom at the best of times?

Image: mickyroo

So print out your pictures, put them in frames, put them in albums, just don’t leave them hidden away lost on old phones and memory cards. There are services you can use online where you can upload pictures from your social media to make into a book. (I wrote a post last year about more ways you can make pictures into keepsakes. You can read that here.)  What a fabulous idea to preserve memories! Facebook could still go the way of Myspace, and I hate to think of the photos I left there. Oh, and Bebo. Maybe some things SHOULD be left in the past…...

Have you found any old pictures that have made you squirm? I’d love to see them. Or maybe you have a way of displaying old photos that is deliciously different? Tell all in the comments below!

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