Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Don't Forget These Spring Holidays!

Spring is fast on the approach! The winter darkness is starting to fade, allowing us to wake up with sunlight again. The sharp, cold bite of the air is being replaced with a pleasant, sunny chill. And with loads of special occasions coming up, there are even more reasons to celebrate. Here’s a reminder of the special dates on the horizon.

Many of us have forgotten, or were never quite sure, what eating a lot of chocolate has to do with Jesus. But we quickly get over these worries, distracted as we are by, y’know, all the chocolate.

First step is to make sure you know what the date of Easter is this year. It must always take place on a Sunday. This means there is no fixed date for the event, in the same way that there is one for Christmas or Halloween. This year’s Easter takes place on Sunday, March 27th.

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Once you know the date, consider getting your Easter eggs in as soon as possible. They usually start hitting store shelves in February. They’re usually very cheap or are sold in great multi-buy deals.

If you want to keep a close eye on your family’s health, you may be considering skipping chocolate. There are loads of ways to celebrate without all the sugar. There are Easter activities all over the country. You can even buy each other non-chocolate gifts for the occasion.

As the Easter holiday means a week-long break from school, you should also consider some family activities to keep the kids occupied. Don’t just let them lounge in front of the TV!

Mother’s Day

Are you a mother? Then you’re probably looking forward to this day the most! But have you made sure your kids know what day it is?

There will be a bunch of adverts on TV and online about Mother’s Day. But in case it has somehow slipped their attention, try some subtle reminders. Perhaps leave a magazine with a relevant advert open in the living room. Or mention the fact that you need to get a gift for your own mother! Speaking of which, you have remembered to get a Mother’s Day gift for your own mother, right?

If you’re a father, then it’s easier to get the kids involved. You won’t look like you’re just after a gift! Work with them to buy or make an amazing gift for the hard-working woman of the house.

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This one may seem unusual to you. If you’re not of the Jewish faith, there’s even the chance you haven’t heard of this. But sometimes it’s nice to consider holidays that you may not personally be celebrating.

Passover is a Jewish holiday. It celebrates the story told in the Bible of the freeing of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. To the devoutly religious it is a very important holiday. It’s celebrated with wine and special Passover foods, with bread and fruits aplenty. Do you have any friends observing the holiday? Maybe you could consider a gift of flowers or a Passover recipe book from your family. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

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