Monday, February 8, 2016

15 Thoughtful Gifts for New Mom


When buying a gift for a new mom, it’s all too easy to stick to the obvious choices like onesies, blankets and soft toys. Rest assured they’ll already have a mountain of these so why not think outside the box? A thoughtful, original gift is always appreciated!

1. Clothes for baby, but not just in the first few sizes. Everyone tends to give clothes that will only fit for the first few months if you’re lucky! Why not buy clothes in larger sizes like 3-6 or 3-9 months? If you do decide to do this, take into consideration what the weather will be like when the child is that age. Don’t buy shorts and t-shirts in six months size if it will be winter!

2. A Spa Day or even just a treatment or two can help alleviate at least some of the stresses of being a new mom. Taking some to time out to unwind is a great way to recharge your batteries and boy, new moms need this more than ever. My children are no longer babies and I feel like I could do with this a lot more often!

3. A family photo shoot is a great gift to help cherish this special time in life. Your best bet is to find a local established photographer whose work you can look at first. Try for a photographer that specialises in photography of children and are used to working with babies. Newborn shoots are usually done within a couple of weeks of the birth so you may want to give this gift a few weeks before their due date.

4. Babysitting vouchers. A fabulous idea if you are strapped for cash. The greatest gift you can give a new mom is some time off!  Offer her your services, babysit, help clean, cook, in fact, anything that will help make her life easier.

5. A really great diaper bag. Sometimes changing bags come with buggy travel systems. While these are functional, any new mom will appreciate a changing bag that is not just sturdy with lots of room, but that looks on trend too. Just because you’ve got to swap your handbag for something bulkier doesn’t mean you have to have an ugly bag!

6. Nice pajamas and a robe are a thoughtful gift. A new mom is likely to spend a lot of time in these in the first few weeks. They’ll also be having lots of visitors. Looking presentable might not be the first thing on their mind, it’s always nice to not have to worry about your ratty old robe when people drop by.

7. Dry Shampoo. See above.

8. Restaurant Vouchers. One day, she’ll be ready to leave the house again. A voucher for her favorite restaurant is a tasty treat. If you’re a really good friend you could offer to babysit too! The chance to sit down and eat a meal without an infant in tow is a treat you’ll never truly know the value of until you’re a parent. With no fear of the baby crying mid-course, having dinner with no interruptions is bliss!

9. Body oil. Because what goes up must come down. Great for helping avoid stretch marks and a whole ton of dry skin conditions. Body butter is also a great alternative and comes in just about every fruity scent available. Why not add a few nice bathtime treats in there and make it into a little home pamper package? I have some tips for making fantastic gift baskets here.

10. Nanny-cams are rising in popularity as a way for parents to watch what goes on when they aren’t at home. If a mommy has to go back to work these can be a great way to keep an eye on your childcare provider. You can even get Nanny cameras with audio so you can hear as well as see. Be aware these are illegal to use in some States if the Nanny doesn’t know they are being filmed.

11. A bottle of champagne. After giving birth, a glass of champagne is a real luxury. After nine months of no drinking champagne is a fitting celebration!  Some parents choose to store champagne given to them on the birth of their child until they are 18 so they can celebrate in style with a fine vintage. I don’t think I’d want to do that - it’d be too difficult to resist cracking it open on a special occasion!

12. Vouchers for a baby and a mommy massage class are a brilliant idea, and it’s unlikely anyone else will have thought of it. Massage can help baby relax and sleep better, helping Mommy sleep better too! A quick search online will normally find classes near you if not try asking at your local library or doctors surgery.
13. Vouchers for her favorite clothes store are actually more useful than you may realize. Your body shape can change quite drastically even after giving birth and not everything is going to snap back into shape. New clothes often become a necessity, and an extra expense many new moms don’t take into consideration. Clothes store vouchers could come in very handy!

14.  A good, old fashioned home cooked meal is also a highly under-rated blessing. With a new baby, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself properly. A home cooked dinner will save a new mom time and effort.

15. Just being there for a new mom is sometimes all she needs. After a day of a fractious baby, sometimes a quick call with some adult conversation is enough to give even the most stressed of moms a much-needed boost. Be a friend and be there for them. Don’t take offense if they go quiet for a while, either, a new baby is a massive life change and friendships often take a backseat for a bit.

So as you can see there are lots of ways that you can find a special gift for a new mom. What was your favorite thing you received as a new mom? What was the most useful? Let me know in the comments what I’ve missed and all of your own ideas!

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