Friday, January 15, 2016

Get Your Photos Printed On Metal

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Yea, you read that right. You can get your photos printed on a sheet of metal. Not only does that sound totally badass, but it sure does look it hanging on your wall.

So back in November/December I posted some promo deals for AdoramaPix. In exchange for doing that, they sent me a code to purchase my own metal print.

So, a little about AdoramaPix. They offer all sorts of photo printing. From books, to canvas to acrylic prints. They can do everything. For the metal prints, they infuse your image right into the surface of a solid sheet of metal for a look that you have to see in person to truly appreciate. Photos just don't do it justice. In person it's amazing. The result of their process is a rich iridescent sheen, bright vivid colors, and a life-like depth of detail that can't be matched by any other method available.
So after some major deliberations about which photo I wanted on the print, I decided on getting a photo of my kids at the park. They were playing around on the slide, and the photo was just too cute to not have printed in one way or another. I thought that it would be a great photo for this campaign.

I am super happy with the print. Never mind the fact that I had to wait longer than expected to receive it, but it shipped just before Christmas, and then I didn't get it till just after New Years, and there was bad weather along the way. So, I had to be patient.

But once it came, I was super happy.
Back of print

It comes with materials to hang it up on. Currently, until I redo my photo wall, I have this hanging on a thumbtack. Simple enough! The photo is a focal point, and it isn't even in the center! We had a few people come over since I received it and they commented on how great it looks. And it is pretty. The colors are vibrant, and I'm super excited to have it. I will be buying more! These will make great gifts for parents and grandparents, too.

I can't even get the beauty on photo. It's so hard to capture it in the best light!
Excuse the fact that my Ohio foil looks crocked.. I told you,
I have to re-do my photo wall. LMAO
You can see the glare from our light/TV in the metal print.
The view of this side of the photo wall for now. Again, I'll be re-arranging it.
It is a stand out piece!

Get your own by going to AdoramaPix and clicking on Metal Prints!
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