Friday, December 18, 2015

Cool Tech Gifts For The Man Child In Your Life

At Christmas, we buy lots of cool gifts and toys for our children. We love seeing their faces light up with delight as they open them. Then, they spend hours on Christmas Day playing with them while everyone else is getting ready for a big meal and celebration. However, some of use also buy gifts for those who can best be described as man-children. These are men who never grew up out of the things they loved when they were children. Star Wars has already made a hundred million in ticket pre-sales, and I guarantee you, that’s mainly due to the manchild. This weird species could be your husband, your boyfriend or your brother. Do you know what you’re getting them for Christmas? I’ve got some ideas.

Drones For The Home

Have you ever wanted a drone? I guarantee, you know at least one guy who would love one. They are quite fantastic little machines, built for work or entertainment. If you’re not sure what a drone is, it’s a small air vehicle that doesn’t have a pilot. They often come equipped with an HD camera and are operated by remote control. They can be used for a whole variety of purposes. For instance, recently drones have been initiated into the farming business to quickly spray crops. But, it’s true to say that most people use drones to see a bird's eye view of their neighbourhood. It’s a cool gift and one that won’t break your bank account. They come with a whole range of different price tags.


Speaking of Star Wars BB8 is the name of the little droid in the new film. Sphero have released a rather ingenious device that looks, acts and moves just like him. You might think this a children’s gift. But if your husband desperately wants a pet and you don’t, this is a nice compromise. The tiny little droid can be set up to patrol by itself. Watching it, you might even mistakenly believe that the little fellow has a mind of its own. It’s sure to make kids, and grown ups eyes light up with delight on Christmas Day.


Virtual reality devices are coming thick and fast onto the market. You might think this is an expensive gift, but it actually isn’t. In fact you can buy a VR device that is made out of cardboard, designed for use with a mobile phone. This is how most of the new VR devices work. Connect them to your phone and put it in front of your eyes. You get what looks like a clear image of an environment around you. The tech hasn’t been perfected just yet but your partner will love playing with this little gadget on Christmas Day.

Games Console

Finally, the next generation games consoles have crashed in price this season. So, if you are looking to treat your partner for being especially good this year, you can get them one. You can buy them in bundles with the best games on the market so just make sure you are getting the right ones.

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