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Bright Starts League of Little Laughters Play Party | #BabyLOLL

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I was selected to host a Bright Starts League of Little Laughters (#BabyLOLL) party. My daughter was so excited when she saw the box. I think she's really excited for Christmas. So when I opened them I knew there was no delaying, I needed to have this party as soon as possible. 

Luckily, one of my friends was coming over the weekend I received the toys! So, I asked if another friend would be able to come, I knew it was last minute, and she could not. So we had our playdate at a later date. 

When my friend came over, her son is my daughter's age, and he LOVED the Spin & Giggle Puppy the most. The whole weekend, that's all he played with. They played with this so much it was hard to get a picture of them playing with anything else! So a few of the photos is my daughter playing solo, after the party weekend (my friend stayed the whole weekend since we live a distance away from each other). My friend also brought her daughter, who is 6, and my son who's 11 was also in attendance. They enjoyed playing with the little ones and showing them how to play with the toys.

Bright Starts is a favorite toy brand of ours. Their toys are learning-centered and aren't characters from a TV show. While we like the characters, we also like regular animals too. The toys are very educational for little ones and make for lots of giggles.

*From now until 12/12, there is an exciting deal on Bright Starts products at Toys ‘R Us*! The “Lights, Lights Baby” Collection (featuring the Learn & Giggle Activity Station) and the “Having a Ball” Collection (featuring the Spin & Giggle Puppy) are 40% off, both online and in-store.

This toy comes with three balls that you place in the bowl. When you push the button on either foot or the blue button in the bowl, the bowl starts to spin and the puppy wobbles knocking the balls along with it. The balls fall out of the wobbling bowl, teaching cause and effect. The puppy's paws have shapes and letters, and the puppy plays cheerful music. The puppy's red nose lights up, too! For obvious reasons you can see why the kids liked this one.

Amazon $19.99
Toys R Us  $19.99* (Sale price, ends12/12)

This one is the one Bella plays with the most when she is by herself. The fish has two play modes learning and music. Each "scale" you press will offer a letter, number, color or shape. 
Get to learning mode by pressing the red button and you'll hear letters and shapes. Press the red button again to hear the colors. Press the orange button for music mode to hear music, and press the fish scales for additional sounds while the music plays. My daughter loves music mode the most, but she goes and repeats the colors in learning mode. The toy has a handle to take on the go easily.

Amazon $17.99 
Toys R Us $17.99

These things are adorable. We opened this one first as soon as we saw it in the box. There are six different animals available, frog, dog, kitty, bumble bee, and tiger. We received the tiger. Press the little button on the side to turn it on, and slide it across the floor (or any hard surface) to hear the tiger growl and make fun noises. Each animal is sold separately though I think if you had them all going you'd have quite an interesting jungle. Each animal makes the sound that is associated with them, and of course, giggle! Note: If you order on Amazon, you'll get one of the 6 available, you won't have a choice. The TRU link will take you to the frog, however you can find the other animals online (or in store).

Amazon $12.97
Toys R Us $8.99

There are 16 balls in this pack in a variety of colors. These can be used with other Bright Starts toys such as the Spin & Giggle Puppy that was included in this party pack. These would make good replacement balls for any of the "Having A Ball" toys from Bright Starts. We added these balls to the Spin & Giggle Puppy for extra laughs!

Amazon $5.97 
Toys R Us $7.99

This was the biggest toy we received. It's actually quite affordable for its size (29.99). There is an interactive flip book where each page interacts with a different window pane telling stories for different times of the day. The various buttons help teach colors, shapes, phrases, letters, numbers, identifying objects and cause and effect. Bella's favorite part is the kitty paw that when you press down onto the fishbowl the fish spins, lights appear and music plays. There is a light switch on the right side where you can wake up the sun, or say goodnight. It also says up and down, on and off, etc. There are over 65 different sounds, melodies, lights, and phrases. The legs are easy to put on (and take off). 

Amazon $48.53
Toys R Us $29.99* (Sale Price, ends 12/12)

In our party kit was some recipes, which I am including on another blog post to save space. 

Here are a collection of my favorite pics of during and after the party.

Bella on her own after her friends were gone

Bella and her friend putting as many balls as they could into the puppy

Bella and her friends had a fun time. Though I think Bella had the best time because she got TWO parties! (The second party did not have photos that I can share. My friend requested that her child not be photographed for privacy. I respect my friends (and everyone's) privacy). The photos I'm sharing are of Bella and her first party with my friend who stayed the night. 

All of these toys are available for purchase. They would make great holiday gifts for the little ones in your life. Find them at your favorite retailer or online.

So tell me, could you see your little ones playing with these?

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