Friday, November 20, 2015

Little Moments Of Joy You'll Cherish As A Parent

Life is made up of a series of moments, as precious as diamonds. But imagine if those moments were as common as sand because you lived forever. They would be worthless and lose all meaning. If you think I’m being deep and philosophical, I’m not. I’ve just snipped that out of Once Upon A Time. It’s a brilliant show but not one that I thought would ever give me something so resoundingly true and beautiful. Yet there it is, and I think it fits in particularly well when describing the life of a parent. As a parent, you have little moments with your children that you will hold on to. Here are a few of the ones that I hold most dear.

Their First Steps

Is there anything more wonderful than seeing your baby take their first steps towards you? I was captivated and completely at a loss for words. It was like seeing all my dreams I never knew I once held come to life. To create life and then watch it grow into a wonderful little personality is truly remarkable. If you’re not a parent yet, you’re probably wondering what on earth I am on about. But trust me, you’ll see that once your baby walks for the first time your life changes forever. I think it’s also the first moment when I realised they wouldn’t always be there. They’d go on and live their own life.

Riding A Bike

It’s fun teaching your child to ride a bike. Well, maybe not always but most of the time it is. Even if they fall off they’ll get back on and try again. I actually started them young with a quality balance bike. Balance bikes are useful because then they learn how to ride in stages, first mastering balance. Teaching your kid how to ride is great because you are imparting wisdom. It’s also one of the first things where you can see them learn and grown. But it’s still one of their first steps towards independence. A pivotal moment I’m sure you’ll never forget.


Seeing your child win or succeed at something, anything, is marvelous. I have my own unique memory for the first time my child won something as I’m sure you do for your children. It might be the first time their team won at soccer. Or, it could be an achievement they received at school. Either way, the immense pride you will feel at that moment will be repeated many times through their life yet never replaced.


You’ll know my kids haven’t yet graduated from college or even school yet. After all, one of them is still a toddler! But, I’m looking forward to the day when they do and dreading it at the same time. On the one hand it’s the moment you know you succeeded in raising your children. On the other it’s when you realise they’re leaving the nest. But that’s life and I wouldn’t change it for the world because once your children grow up, we all know what comes next. The grandest years of your life.

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