Monday, November 16, 2015

It's OK To Ask For Help

I get it. 

You don't want to burden anyone, so you don't ask for help. No matter how big or small that help is. Whether it's for help with the kids, whether it's for help around the house, taking time for yourself or even asking your doctor. 

We, as parents, think we can do it all. 

Yet, we (parents) forget that it takes a village to raise children. 

yes, a village.

More than just you and your spouse. It involves aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends even. It's a whole village when everything is said and done.

So why are we afraid to ask for help? Not just with the kids. With everything. Even those who aren't parents. Why can't we ask for help? Are we afraid to show what we think is a sign of weakness? Are we trying to put on a show that everything is fine? Even when it isn't?

Who's that gonna help?

We need to keep in mind that it is perfectly OK to go ahead and ask someone to watch the kids for us so we can get a 30-minute break. We can ask someone to help take us to a doctors appointment if needed. We can ask someone to help us do something that for whatever reason we can't do alone. 

It's OK to ask your spouse to help you out. It's OK to need a break. From kids, work, life, we get it! 

I hate how that today we are so afraid to ask for help from our neighbors, family, and friends. Previous generations didn't do that! They were friends with their neighbors and could ask for help when needed. Can we get back to that?

So done be afraid or too full of pride to ask for help. Ask your spouse to help give you a break after a long or stressful day. Curl up with a good book (get a best seller on Amazon). Or take a nice warm bath with a spa set, or relax with a lavender candle (lavender promotes relaxation).

Check out these items to help you relax and take a minute for yourself.


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