Friday, November 6, 2015

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Pet


Anyone who has ever lost a pet will know the wrenching heartbreak felt. It is ok to feel like this when your pet dies. It has been a massive part of your life for years and years. It can be really difficult coming to grips with the death of your beloved pet, but there are ways to help you through. If you have recently lost your pet, first let me offer my condolences. Secondly, it is really important to remember that people grieve in many different ways. This article is to provide you with some help through this period. However, it is by no means definitive and you should feel free to adapt the points to suit you.

Don’t be afraid to grieve
We all have a deep bond with our pets. We have seen the grow from babies into adults. Therefore, it is normal that you will feel distraught by the loss of your pet. Of course, people who have never had a pet will not understand what you are going through. But you should not feel like you have to hide your feelings from them. If you are upset, it is healthy to share your feelings with friends and family. Don’t be afraid to grieve or ashamed about having loved your pet.

Speak to other pet owners
If you know someone who has lost their pet, it may help to speak to them. They will know what you are going through and be able to suggest their own coping methods. You can share stories about your pets and bond over your mutual experiences. You could also think about joining a support group.

Create something beautiful
You can find a way to turn your pet’s ashes into something beautiful. Carbon diamonds are created in a laboratory using ashes. Once your pet has passed on, you can take comfort in knowing that they are with you. Every time you catch the sparkle of your diamond, you can think of all the memories you have of your pet. This is a great way of paying tribute to them and remembering them forever.

Don’t rush to get a new pet
Often, people think the best way to move on is to replace the pet they have lost. I have seen so many of my friends do this, and I think sometimes you need to let the dust settle. You need to grieve for your pet. Once you have done that you will be in a much better frame of mind to consider your next move. Give yourself some time away from animals to think about whether or not you are in a position to get a new pet.

Avoid guilt
Many people feel guilty about losing their pets, especially when they have had to euthanise them. Remember that your pet’s death is not your fault and just a natural part of life. Instead of focusing on this, focus instead on the quality of life you gave your pet. They loved you and loved being a part of your life. You cared for them well and that is all that matters.

Trust me, you will have your up and down days, but always try to focus on being happy in the long run.

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