Friday, November 6, 2015

Easy Ways To Keep Kids Entertained

Entertaining kids can be a mammoth task, especially when those kids aren't your own. There's nothing worse than hearing a chorus of "I'm bored", but having all your activity suggestions rejected. Finding fun things to do can be easier if you can go out, but it's more difficult if you can't afford to or aren't able to. Being stuck inside makes everyone go stir crazy, and you wind each other up. If you need ideas to keep the children entertained while you're indoors, there's plenty you can do. Have a look at some of the ideas below to stop everyone from getting bored.

Play Make Believe

Even if you don't have any toys or games, there are lots of ways to entertain children. Or rather, to get them to entertain themselves. Encouraging them to use their imagination is a great way to nurture their brains. Being able to think in different ways is important for now and later in life. Creative thinking can be a vital skill for lots of things, so helping them to use their imagination now is a good thing. You can start them off by suggesting a theme that they would enjoy, whether it's battling dragons or running a store. A few props can give them something extra to work with, even if it's just a couple of cardboard boxes.


Use the Internet

A lot of people are wary of exposing children to the internet too much. But like everything it's great in moderation. The most important thing to remember is that kids should be supervised when they're using it. There are all sorts of things to look at and engage with, from television to theCHIVE funny pictures. Just make sure that you're looking over their shoulder so you can see what they're doing. You can ensure there's software installed to block anything appropriate too.

Go to the Kitchen

There's so much you can do in the kitchen because you can afford to get a little messy in there. You could get out some art supplies and do some crafts at the breakfast table. Or you could make some dough or other fun substances to play with. It's easy to make homemade Play-Doh and add your own colors and textures to it. Baking is also a fun activity to do with kids, and there's plenty they can help with. It's easy for them to help you measure ingredients, mix, cut out cookies or decorate.

Try a Board Game

Board games might have fallen out of fashion a little for some families. But most kids still love them if they're engaging enough. They can be an excellent way to spend some quality time together, so don't write them off. Board games are excellent for learning how to compete well and take both a win and a lose graciously. They can help with some different skills too, such as counting or memory.

Don't suffer with bored kids when there's so much for them to do and explore. Even when you can't leave the house, there's so much to entertain them.

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