Monday, November 30, 2015

How I Monitize My Blog With Affiliates

*This post contains advertising links such as affiliate and referral links. I may earn compensation if you sign up through my links. Thank you for your support!

I recently posted on the more traditional ways I monetize my blog. But this time, I wanted to show the more "fun" ways that I earn. These links may contain referral links where I'll earn money if you sign up. Others are affiliate links that offer the same thing.

Monetizing Your Blog

As a blogger, you spend a lot of time curating posts, taking photos, sharing, and networking. You do all of this, and you do it for free. So that's when monetizing your blog comes into play. By monetizing your blog, you set yourself up to earn money for your time and efforts in a variety of ways.

I'm going to share a few of the "traditional" ways that I monetize my blog. Do I make a living off it, no. At least not yet anyways. But it sure does help offset the costs associated with a blog (and time!).

The first thing I signed up for was Google Adsense. It made sense to me to allow Google to place ads on my blog that were relevant to the search history of the user who visits me. There are many people who earn hundreds per day on Adsense. I don't. And that's OK.

In-text Ads
You've probably seen these on a variety of websites. A few words per post is dounle-underlined. It's a link leading to something pertaining to that word. For example, the word "bathtime" may link to a coupon to get $1 off Johnson's Baby Wash.

Sponsored Posts
Occassionally, you'll see a post that a brand/company has paid me to post. Now, that post could have been written by me, or written by the brand (or one of the memnbeers of their writing team). I alwasys make sure that the ad is relevant to my readers in some way. There are other bloggers who
will just accept it for the money. I've turned down many sponsored posts because they do not fit my brand. There are a variety of ways to find sponsored posts. There are companies like the ones in my post about Monetizing with Affiliates, and sometimes these companies will find you and then contact you. This is why it is important to have your contact information listed.

There are so many ways to monetize your blog. My next post will be about using affiliate links and other monetizing ways.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving + BLACK FRIDAY + CYBER MONDAY Sales from Wedding Paper Divas!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Great Kids Clothes Starting at $12!

Tea Collection’s Black Friday Event Is Almost Here & It’s Bigger Than Ever!

Some might know it as the $15 dress sale, but they have something for everyone…. Tea’s highly anticipated Black Friday Event kicks off tomorrow (11/24/15)! Grab best selling styles for Girl, Boy, Baby Girl and Baby Boy at $12, $15 & 17. It’s Tea’s biggest Black Friday Event to date and it’s running Tuesday to Saturday

It's the perfect way to grab great clothes for your little ones at great prices! I know I'll be buying a few things. Perfect for Christmas gifts!

Auto Updating Promotional Banner

Click the link to take you where you want to shop.

Shop Girl Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection
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Shop Baby Girl Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection
Shop Baby Boy Black Friday Styles at Tea Collection 
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*This post may contain affiliate links. These links earn compensation for me/my blog when you click and/or make a purchase from that link. This does not affect any offers or deals being offered to you. Thank you for your support!*

Friday, November 20, 2015

Little Moments Of Joy You'll Cherish As A Parent

Life is made up of a series of moments, as precious as diamonds. But imagine if those moments were as common as sand because you lived forever. They would be worthless and lose all meaning. If you think I’m being deep and philosophical, I’m not. I’ve just snipped that out of Once Upon A Time. It’s a brilliant show but not one that I thought would ever give me something so resoundingly true and beautiful. Yet there it is, and I think it fits in particularly well when describing the life of a parent. As a parent, you have little moments with your children that you will hold on to. Here are a few of the ones that I hold most dear.

Their First Steps

Is there anything more wonderful than seeing your baby take their first steps towards you? I was captivated and completely at a loss for words. It was like seeing all my dreams I never knew I once held come to life. To create life and then watch it grow into a wonderful little personality is truly remarkable. If you’re not a parent yet, you’re probably wondering what on earth I am on about. But trust me, you’ll see that once your baby walks for the first time your life changes forever. I think it’s also the first moment when I realised they wouldn’t always be there. They’d go on and live their own life.

Riding A Bike

It’s fun teaching your child to ride a bike. Well, maybe not always but most of the time it is. Even if they fall off they’ll get back on and try again. I actually started them young with a quality balance bike. Balance bikes are useful because then they learn how to ride in stages, first mastering balance. Teaching your kid how to ride is great because you are imparting wisdom. It’s also one of the first things where you can see them learn and grown. But it’s still one of their first steps towards independence. A pivotal moment I’m sure you’ll never forget.


Seeing your child win or succeed at something, anything, is marvelous. I have my own unique memory for the first time my child won something as I’m sure you do for your children. It might be the first time their team won at soccer. Or, it could be an achievement they received at school. Either way, the immense pride you will feel at that moment will be repeated many times through their life yet never replaced.


You’ll know my kids haven’t yet graduated from college or even school yet. After all, one of them is still a toddler! But, I’m looking forward to the day when they do and dreading it at the same time. On the one hand it’s the moment you know you succeeded in raising your children. On the other it’s when you realise they’re leaving the nest. But that’s life and I wouldn’t change it for the world because once your children grow up, we all know what comes next. The grandest years of your life.

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Cipralex for Anxiety

Anxiety is a state that can be characterized by feeling of inner unrest, disturbance, fear of dreadful events together with tension. Person who suffers from it feels as if he will burst, that he will lose control over his actions or that something bad will happen. Have in mind that this issue is not directly connected to any object or a person. Anxious individual is constantly on standby, always attentive, thinking that there is some danger lurking just around the corner. In these individuals, nervous system is activated much quicker so it is no wonder that anxious person fears sudden sounds and light or anything else that can quickly startle him or her.
This state of mind is nothing more than resisting natural way of living. Patients who are suffering from this condition have false belief that life is in fact dangerous and that they have to protect themselves from some unseen danger. In some cases, anxiety can be manifested mentally as person becomes depressed and starts withdrawing from friends and family.

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's OK To Ask For Help

I get it. 

You don't want to burden anyone, so you don't ask for help. No matter how big or small that help is. Whether it's for help with the kids, whether it's for help around the house, taking time for yourself or even asking your doctor. 

We, as parents, think we can do it all. 

Yet, we (parents) forget that it takes a village to raise children. 

yes, a village.

More than just you and your spouse. It involves aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, friends even. It's a whole village when everything is said and done.

So why are we afraid to ask for help? Not just with the kids. With everything. Even those who aren't parents. Why can't we ask for help? Are we afraid to show what we think is a sign of weakness? Are we trying to put on a show that everything is fine? Even when it isn't?

Who's that gonna help?

We need to keep in mind that it is perfectly OK to go ahead and ask someone to watch the kids for us so we can get a 30-minute break. We can ask someone to help take us to a doctors appointment if needed. We can ask someone to help us do something that for whatever reason we can't do alone. 

It's OK to ask your spouse to help you out. It's OK to need a break. From kids, work, life, we get it! 

I hate how that today we are so afraid to ask for help from our neighbors, family, and friends. Previous generations didn't do that! They were friends with their neighbors and could ask for help when needed. Can we get back to that?

So done be afraid or too full of pride to ask for help. Ask your spouse to help give you a break after a long or stressful day. Curl up with a good book (get a best seller on Amazon). Or take a nice warm bath with a spa set, or relax with a lavender candle (lavender promotes relaxation).

Check out these items to help you relax and take a minute for yourself.


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Friday, November 13, 2015

Parenting Tips: Bringing Up Siblings

The only thing greater than having a child is having children. But there’s no denying that these bundles of joy do bring a whole host of challenges.

Nobody can truly appreciate those tests until they’ve experienced for themselves. However, we wouldn’t change it for the world. On the other hand, it would be foolish to turn down and tips or advice.

Here are some of the best ways to ensure that you provide your children with the best early years possible.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ibotta Rebates for November + Double Bonus for Referrals!

If you're not using Ibotta, you don't know what you're missing. I don't use it nearly as often as I should, and I've even forgotten to scan and upload a reciept that had at least $5 worth of rebates on it. Even with that, I've earned over $70 on there! You can cash out to Paypal, get Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, even iTunes. Your choice! Available on Android and iOS. Join my team here

When you join a team (like mine), you get extra help with bonuses! 

Head into the holidays with some extra earnings through November Teamwork! Unlock level 1 and earn an extra $2 when you redeem 12 rebates worth $0.25 or more and your team earns $10 in total rebates.

Refer your friends and get double the referral bonus!

Keep reading to see Novembers rebates!

Planning The Perfect Birthday For Your Husband


When your husband's birthday arrives, you're sure to want to show him a special time. It's his day to celebrate (or commiserate) getting another year older. He might not want too much of a fuss, but it's always a good idea to do a little something. Some years, especially on significant birthdays, you might want to go all out. You can do anything from breakfast in bed to a surprise party. If you're not sure how to start planning, don't worry. You're not the only one who struggles for inspiration when it comes to birthdays. Follow this guide to plan the perfect birthday for your husband.

Planning a Schedule for the Day

The first thing you need to do is decide what you're going to do on the day. If it's a weekday, your hubby is likely to be off for work. So that rules out doing much of anything during the day, except for perhaps taking him out for lunch. Make the most of the morning and evening instead, by offering him an excellent breakfast and perhaps going out for dinner. You could even consider having a small party in the evening. Weekends allow for a bit more freedom, so you could plan to do something before or after his birthday as well. It could be going out for the day or having a big party.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

You won't want to do something extravagant every year, but a gift is still necessary. Coming up with something different every year can be really hard. But don't panic if you can't come up with any good ideas. You can find plenty of inspiration online to help you pick out something he'll love. Start by looking at gifts for men and exploring options that match his interests. For example, if he likes golf, you can search for gifts for golf lovers. It doesn't have to be one large present. You could get him several small ones for him to open all at once or throughout the day.

To Party or Not to Party?

Deciding whether to have a party is one of the biggest decisions. Most of the time, you probably wouldn't have anything too complicated unless it's a special year. For example, you might put on a bash if it's his 40th birthday. Before you go making any plans, it's best to determine if he wants a party. Even if you want to make it a surprise, try to work out whether he would be receptive to a party or not. And if it's not a surprise, listen to his wishes.

Time Alone

Some time to yourselves is one of the best gifts you can arrange for his birthday. With work, kids and other commitments, you might not get much of it. Planning a meal at a restaurant or another fun activity gives you a chance to spend time together. You could even go away for the weekend. Something else he might appreciate is some time all to himself. Take the kids out for the day and leave him in the house to do what he wants.

It doesn't take much to ensure your husband enjoy his birthday. Just a few gestures will help to differentiate it from other days.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I'm a fan of a good mud mask. Like, seriously. If it said I could use it every day I probably would. I feel like they always do wonders for my face, and once a week doesn't seem to satisfy me. But until its "safe", I only do it once a week or less.  

The Pure & Essential Minerals Dead Sea Mud Mask is wonderful. Dead Sea mud has been renowned for centuries as a natural beauty remedy. People visit the Dead Sea every year to literally cover themselves in the mud. That would be a dream trip, wouldn't it? I can only imagine the things it can do for your skin if you slathered it on. Maybe I'll buy an extra bottle of this and try it in the shower (or outside so I can be hosed down afterward LOL). 

Create Holiday Decor, Gifts and Cards at Home with Cricut

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. 

Want to be able to easily make pretty d├ęcor, personalized gifts, and fun cards for upcoming holidays? Then you need to treat yourself to a Cricut Explore Air™ — Cricut's very popular electronic cutting machine. It's the best DIY crafting tool to be developed since the sewing machine! 

The Cricut Explore Air is versatile, easy to use, and allows for very precise cuts. It's also incredibly affordable, especially since Cricut generously discounted the cost by up to $200 on the machine and bundles — just in time for the holiday crafting season! 

With the Cricut Explore Air™, you can cut over 60 different types of material, including paper, fabric, plastic and vinyl to name a few. The Explore Air also features Cut Smart™ technology, which allows you to cut a wide range of shapes and sizes with exceptional precision, from ¼" tall up to 11½" wide x 23½" tall. 

This Cricut Explore machine is called the Air because it has built-in Bluetooth® capability. This means you can use Cricut’s free iPad app and design anything you want from your iPad, just like you would on your home computer, but with the convenience of being able to take your projects with you anywhere. Then, you can just wirelessly send your project from your iPad to your Explore Air to bring it to life.

While the Cricut Explore Air is impressive on its own, purchasing it with one of Cricut's bundle offerings makes it even more valuable. Each bundle comes with different accessories that allow you to expand your creativity and make your crafting projects even more simple and fun to create. Plus, by purchasing your Explore Air with a bundle, you're able to save a bundle in the process! 

Go to and check out the savings Cricut is offering on their Cricut Explore Air™ and bundles today so you can get your very own in time to make this holiday season your most creative one yet!

Cricut Explore Air™
Get free shipping on all orders at Cricut with code FREESHIPNOV

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Great Ways to Keep Your Kids Active and Healthy This Winter

We all want to make sure our kids don’t become ill or unfit. It’s sometimes hard to achieve that goal during the winter months because it’s so cold outside. However, there are lots of ways in which you could look after your child’s health during the next couple of months. I’ve listed some suggestions that might help, but you just need to use your head. You know what interests your little ones better than anyone else. Put that knowledge to good use and keep them active this winter.

  • Encourage them to join a sports team

No matter where you might live in the world, there should be lots of kids sports teams in your local area. Just search online to find the contact details, and get in touch to find out more. You might have to spend some money on portable mounds and mitts if your kids love baseball, but it’s worth the expense. You can’t put a price on ensuring your children stay active and have a great time. Best of all? Any sport will help to tire them out and ensure they get a good night's sleep. We all know how difficult that can be when Christmas is approaching.

  • Cook healthy meals

When all’s said and done, you provide most of the food your children consume. So, kids who put on weight at this time of the year can blame their parents. Be responsible, and make sure you only purchase the most suitable ingredients when you go out shopping. Leave those chips and chocolate bars on the shelves for someone else. You need to purchase lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to ensure your kids get all the nutrients they need. Eating healthy meals as a family while they are young will help to get them into a routine. With a bit of luck, that routine will continue as they grow.

  • Confiscate their video games

Parents with older children probably worry about the amount of time they spend playing video games. It’s just a fact of life these days that older kids prefer to sit in front of a screen. Why not confiscate their games consoles until late in the evening? That would mean they have to find something else to do during the daytime. The truth about teenagers is they are a major pain most of the time. However, there is a lot you can do to ensure they don’t become couch potatoes. Keeping them away from Call of Duty is a good start.

You might also want to think about walking together as a family. Sometimes your kids don’t need strenuous exercise to stay healthy. They just need to get outside in the open air. Walking as a family is great at this time of the year because it allows you to spend time together before the holidays. Just select some suitable woodland paths in your local area and go for a stroll. If nothing else, all that fresh air ensure they are shattered at the end of the day.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Some Perfect Ways To Stave Off Boredom

We all get bored from time to time, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the perfect ways to stave off boredom.

Write Something

Now the internet is here, you can write something and publish it online where it will find its audience. This is something that fills up your time and allows you to express yourself a little. It’s all about starting a discussion with other people and debating with them. You could contribute to an existing blog or website, or you could start up your own blog. You might even be able to make some money from it. It’s a great way to spend your free time, and it can be a lot of fun, believe me!


Challenge Your Brain

To keep your brain in good shape, you should make sure that you challenge it. You can do this in all sorts of ways. There are even video games that can help you to enhance the functionality of your mind. You could also attempt to complete various puzzles. Some of them are incredibly complicated, and they can’t be completed quickly. And that’s exactly what you need when you’re trying to stave off the boredom. You’ll become determined to solve the puzzle and find a way around the problem.

Browse the Internet

The internet is always there for you, no matter how bore you eventually get. Literally anything you can possibly be interested in is covered by the internet. If you love entertainment, this website is really good. And if you love to read up on the latest news about fishing, or cooking, or book publishing, there’ll be a website out there for you to explore. And, of course, there’s Netflix. You can keep yourself occupied for days on end if you have a Netflix subscription. The internet caters for everyone, no matter how bored you get.

Develop a New Skill

Instead of sitting around doing nothing in particular, why don’t you learn a new skill? Your skill could be learning an instrument or teaching yourself to speak a new language. These things take time, and you certainly won’t be bored when you’re trying to learn how to order a beer in Italian. These new skills could actually enhance your life and teach you something that might really be useful. If you did learn a new language, you could then challenge yourself by taking a trip to a country where they speak that language.

Set Some Aims

You need to aim for something in life. We all need to. Otherwise, life becomes a little pointless, and you lose focus. Having specific goals to aim for, you give yourself a particular purpose in life. It could be a modest aim, such as saving money for an improvement to the home. Or it could be something much bigger. For example, you could aim to travel every country in Europe or run a marathon. Of course, everyone’s aims and ambitions will be different, so think about what you want to aim for!

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Easy Ways To Keep Kids Entertained

Entertaining kids can be a mammoth task, especially when those kids aren't your own. There's nothing worse than hearing a chorus of "I'm bored", but having all your activity suggestions rejected. Finding fun things to do can be easier if you can go out, but it's more difficult if you can't afford to or aren't able to. Being stuck inside makes everyone go stir crazy, and you wind each other up. If you need ideas to keep the children entertained while you're indoors, there's plenty you can do. Have a look at some of the ideas below to stop everyone from getting bored.

How To Deal With The Loss Of A Pet


Anyone who has ever lost a pet will know the wrenching heartbreak felt. It is ok to feel like this when your pet dies. It has been a massive part of your life for years and years. It can be really difficult coming to grips with the death of your beloved pet, but there are ways to help you through. If you have recently lost your pet, first let me offer my condolences. Secondly, it is really important to remember that people grieve in many different ways. This article is to provide you with some help through this period. However, it is by no means definitive and you should feel free to adapt the points to suit you.

Sunday, November 1, 2015


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