Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Absolute Truth About Raising Teenagers

Part of the course of having children is that by the time they reach that teenage mark, they will find their parents complete embarrassments. One minute they worship you and whatever you wear is immaterial. Suddenly being seen with you in public and most especially in front of their friends, causes annoyance and humiliation.
Technology hits
Before mobile phones, parents seemed to have a longer chance in the realm of communication. Once they clutch their phones and iPad, kids are on their way, grunting past you at the breakfast table. It almost happens overnight and you could set your watch to it. The hormones start kicking in. The classic behaviour of these pubescent fellows cannot be hidden. Their faces are stuck to a screen. Their ears are plugged with earphones as they are locked into their world that offers them endless choices.
Fierce competition
If we had as many choices at their age, we would have not only have behaved in the same way but probably not have been able to choose which path, if any, to pursue. Wherever they go, they have many options and to make some stance about who they are. The easiest way out is to lash out at who they know best: their parents or guardian.
Family life
Sadly today it is a common occurrence that one in three children will end up in a broken home. Becoming a single parent family causes further problems both financial and emotional. If one of the parents re-marry and they continue to have children, the situation becomes even more complex. Especially if there is another break-up. The impact of separation on young adolescents can be felt throughout their lives unless they have a very strong support system in place.

Here and now
Teenagers are really very smart when it comes to receiving presents. They instinctively know what they want, where to buy it and how it will affect their social milieu. The cool factor is essential for the best gift for boys aged 13. Bear in mind that this momentary thrill is over in a flash. The next fad is looming around the corner.
Generation gap
Perhaps even your grandparents were put in the same position of being a humiliation to you. They were not conscious of the importance of style as they followed a format without being bothered. Accepting the status quo seemed a lot easier in some ways than today. The discussions about not accepting them for who they are and not being understood are part of the ongoing generational disputes. It will be resolved once adulthood starts up, hopefully.
Meeting them halfway

Instead of sliding into our own peer groups as mature people, we adopt their idiosyncrasies. We send text messages and dare to use their shortcut colloquialisms if possible. This causes more despair! Since they don’t just call, keeping up with them by phone is the only logical way to have some idea of what is happening or not in their lives.

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