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Wellness VoxBox from Influenster

I love getting boxes from Influenster. I've gotten quite a few since I've been a member. The majority of the stuff in the box is full size. Now, this isn't a subscription box. It's the opposite. You'll get full sized and sample items that fit around a theme. There are a variety of boxes out there all at the same time. So you won't get one every month, and you won't be in every box. When they think you're a match for an upcoming box, they'll send you a survey to ask about specifics, and then if you're chosen you'll find out shortly after.

This time, I received the Wellness Vox Box. Thanks to their YouTube channel, I was able to see what is inside this box before it came. I was super excited to try some of these!

The box included items from Attitude Living, Jergens, UrgentRx, Colgate, Olay and Yaye. Let me tell you a little bit about each brand, and of course my thoughts ;)

I've heard of some of these brands, while others I hadn't.

Olay Active Botanicals
I've always thought of Olay as the brand for "older" women. Women who had signs of aging they wanted to hide or keep at bay. I mean, even the commercials use women of a certain age. No offense to anyone who uses the product. I thought that is why they created the Fresh Effects line, to gain younger customers.

So when I got this, it appealed to me. The packaging looks nice, and it seems like something I'd give a look at while in the store. The cleanser is supposed to wash away impurities leaving your skin soft, fresh and ready for the rest of your routine. The cleanser has snow mushrooms in it, which is a naturally-derived botanical traditionally used by women in China for centuries. Snow mushroom is known for its powerful ability to hold up to 500x its weight in water. This is the perfect cleanser if your face is dry as it will help retain the moisturizer you use.

I can attest to this. When I used the cleanser and then applied my moisturizer, I noticed that I felt the effects long after what I would have using my regular cleanser. I'm in love with this cleanser, and I'll be sticking to this one for a while.

Check out all the Olay Active Botanicals facial gel cleanser on Amazon or at your local Target.

Attitude Living
So this brand is a worry-free brand. They don't have any of the chemicals that are known / thought to cause cancer. Not even a tiny trace of those chemicals. They have products for your entire household. Everything from deodorant, laundry soap, lotions, cleaning products, shampoos, etc.

They sent me a full-size volume & shine shampoo. They have other types of shampoos and conditioners to suit your needs. This brand is also sold at Target. They are about $10 a bottle, but if you're into this type of product, you already expect that. Now, I'm not the most eco-friendly person you'll meet. As much as I'd like to buy all eco-friendly and green products, it's just not always in the budget to do so. But I'll have to go out of the way to get this shampoo.

Why, you ask? Because it actually worked. Typically with these types of shampoos, I find they don't do much for my hair at all. See, living in Arizona the water is hard, and typically I'll wash my hair twice and then add conditioner. For this, I tried just washing once, and no conditioner in the shower (I did use a leave on conditioner once out of the shower). My hair is soft, shiny, and has volume. Most products can't give me what this gave me with one lather. I'm super impressed. So I'll have to spend the money to get the conditioner for it. If you sign up on the website, they'll give you 40% off your first order - that's an amazing discount!

They also sent me a sample of dishwashing liquid. I have not yet gotten to using that. But it will be happening very soon!

View the Attitude products at Target
Visit the Attitude Living website here
Check out the products at Amazon

Colgate Enamel Health Mouth Wash
Of course we've all seen the commercials for this line. But what are commercials? Paid advertisements. So while a company pays a spokesperson (ie; a celebrity) to do the commercials and ads in your magazines, and say they use it, we don't actually know if the celeb uses it or if the product actually works. So sure, commercials are great, but I like to try it before I decide if its worth it.

I'm happy they sent me this. I've had Colgate products in the past that weren't up to snuff, products the commercials and other reviewers raved about, yet when I got it I was not impressed (specifically the toothbrush with the whitening pen inside it. Sorry Colgate).

But this mouthwash isn't so bad. Typically I don't like mouthwash because they're too strong. They tend to almost burn my mouth. It feels like I'm using Jack to rinse. Literally, I feel like Ke$sha after using mouthwash. But with this Colgate Enamel Health, it feels good. Isn't too strong, too minty, and doesn't burn. So I'm enjoying this line. I'll be switching to this from another brand.

When you use the Colgate Enamel Health line, they work together to replenish weak spots with natural calcium for stronger, healthy teeth. If you tend to eat and drink too many acidic foods and beverages, then you're tearing down the enamel. Something like this would be helpful for you.

Find out more on the Colgate website
Check out the mouthwash at Amazon
Check out the Enamel Health products at Walmart

Yaye is an app that's available on Google Play and iTunes. It is an app that allows you go create groups with your friends and create fitness goals, cheer each other on, and compete. You can see who keeps up with their goals, who checks in, motivate each other, etc. I'm loving it. I'm planning on adding more friends to my group. As of now, you can only add friends via text or email from the app. Too bad they don't have it set up so that you can add friends via a username after they sign up. That would make it easier to add followers and fans as well, rather than just close friends.  In any case, it's a decent app. The visuals are clear and its pretty easy to navigate. I recommend it. Go download it, create a group and invite your friends.
Click here to download via Google Play or here for iTunes.

Urgent RX
I'm sure you've seen these near the checkout while you're at the grocery store. I've never bought them before receiving it in this box. But it's a pretty cool little product. You don't need water to take them. It's a powder that dissolves on your tongue, making it super easy to take this with you when traveling and just keeping it in your purse with you. You won't need to stop and dig because its fairly easy to find. I keep them in the pocket inside my purse so that way its easy to find. If you're tired of carrying bottles of over the counter meds in your purse, you should check these out.

Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer 
I've always been told that wet skin absorbs more, so you should put lotion on right after your shower. But if you tried putting regular lotion on after the shower, you knew right away that it didn't rub in well and you really needed to be dry. With Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, you don't want to dry off first. Putting it on while you're still standing in the shower (with the water off) and it goes into smoothly into your skin. My skin felt SO soft that I couldn't believe it. I just kept touching my arms and legs! The moisture lasted two days. I LOVE this lotion, after every shower I will be using it.

I live in Arizona where the water is hard, the air is dry, and so is skin. While I've never had super dry skin I know that it feels better to have lotion on. I can't remember the last time my skin felt like a baby's bottom! Seriously, its that soft. Not even kidding. And with this lotion, a little bit goes a long way.

I received the lotion shown in the Walmart ad below. If you use lotion daily, you NEED to try this. Seriously. Your life will be changed!

You can also check it out on Amazon. If you order it with autoship (automatically sends out the next bottle at specified intervals), then you can get $3 off the first order! That's like 50% off, making the total just over $3!

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