Saturday, September 19, 2015

Kids & Makeup: How Young is Too Young?

How young is too young to wear makeup? I've touchd on this subject before (see here), but its been brought up again and I wanted to delve a little deeper into it.

Depending on what you were taught, you may have started wearing makeup by the age of 12. Others had to wait till they were 16. Some before that. Its a different number for all of us women. I'd like to talk a bit about what my choices will be for my daughter.

Keep reading to hear my take, and I'd love to know what your thoughts are!

So the other day I was watching The Fab Life, a new daytime talk show presented by Tyra Banks and features Chrissy Tiegen, Joe Zee, Lauren Makk and Leah Ashley. They were talking about little girls doing their own "makeup tutorials" on YouTube. And we're talking young girls, like under 7 years old.

Everyone else thinks that is so cute, that they're trying to be like their mom. Adorable.

But me, I'm not all aww, that's cute like everyone else. There is this one YouTube video where the girl is talking about putting on makeup like mommy... to be pretty. As if she isn't pretty without it. These girls see us put all this stuff on our face and they want to do it too because they think they need it to be pretty. Is this what we show our daughters when we wear makeup?

So Tyra started talking about how when she was 11 or 12 and she wanted makeup. So her mom took her to the store to buy makeup and every morning they had their own routine where they'd put on makeup together. Then she says it was only clear mascara and clear lip gloss. But she felt she was wearing makeup with her mom and it was great. Then the next year she added a light pink lip gloss, then the next year pink blush, and slowly allowed her to keep adding to the collection of makeup over time. You know Tyra started modeling at 15, and her mom didn't really enjoy the looks they'd put her in. I think I'd be like her.

I think I really like that idea. Starting my daughter off with clear products. Of course, like I mentioned in the previous post about makeup and girls, if my daughter has acne I'd help show her how to apply concealer. I get that acne at any age can take away confidence.

We must teach our girls that they are gorgeous without makeup. Be natural faced, let your daughter see that you feel beautiful without wearing makeup. Let her see that you can go out with just mascara and lipgloss - without feeling like you need to wear primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer and you don't need to contour every day.

If we don't show our girls that we feel we're beautiful without makeup, then they're going to think that they need it as well. That they aren't pretty without it. Then, we're going to be living in a world where girls in highschool are contouring their faces every day for school.

I, for one, am comfortable without makeup. Don't get me wrong, I do love makeup. But I know that it is not needed everyday. My daughter is 3, and she likes playing in my makeup with me, but that's because that's what little girls do. I'm going to make sure my daughter knows that makeup is to enhance your already beautiful face.

Am I alone in thinking this? What do you think about girls and makeup? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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