Friday, August 7, 2015

Why I chose an IUD (Part 2)

If you’re just joining me, please read part one on Why I Chose To Get an IUD. This is a continuation.

If you’re joining us for part two, welcome back! Thank you for joining and reading my story thus far. This portion will talk about IUD insertion, what the pain is like during and after, and any side effects I may have in the future.

So Thursday, July 23, 2015 I went into my OBGYN to get the Mirena IUD insertion.

I was a nervous wreck. I am not a fan of pain, and I can only remember people saying it’s uncomfortable. Well, they must have a higher pain threshold than I have.

I want to note that my regular OBGYN was on vacation this week, so I was seeing other doctors in the practice for this appointment.

The doctor gave me a prescription the night before the appointment. Told me to take it at bedtime, and then again 4 hours before the appointment. About an hour or so after taking the first pill, I started to feel cramps. I’m assuming its job was to make my cervix thin or open a little to try to help with the insertion. I was also instructed to take 800mg of ibuprofen an hour before the appointment. Well, I forgot to take the ibuprofen. I wish I would have remembered. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad.

So I get into the room and I’m asked a variety of questions by the nurse/PA. These questions were if I’ve had kids and if I had vaginal or c-sections. If I had dilated at all during those births. I’ve had 2 pregnancies, my son was in 2005 and I got to 7cm and got stuck, ended up with a c-section. My daughter was in 2012 and I only got to about 3.5 before heading backwards and after 24 hours it turned into a repeat section.

They asked if I took the pills that were prescribed, I answered yes. They also asked if I took the ibuprofen, I explain that I had forgot but I have some at home that I can take as soon as I get back.

So then I do what you normally do at the OBGYN office….. strip down. lol

Soon the doctor comes in and she is friendly enough. I’ve never met her before, but she has a warm smile and is very nice. She has me lay back, and put my legs in the stirrups. I let her know that my regular OBGYN says that my cervix is tilted, and she says that may be a tad difficult, but nothing they can’t handle.

So the doc starts, however after some time is unable to do it herself. She goes to see if there is another doctor in the office that can help.  She comes back with the man who is the head of the practice. I’ve never had a male OBGYN so this was a first for me. He said he’s dealt with a cervix like mine many times.

So he gets started while the first doctor holds my hand and helps me out. I’m in pain and it feels like contractions almost. It’s very painful. The doctor holding my hand is reminding me to breathe, so I take deep breaths to help me calm down. But it’s very intense.

If you aren't aware, this is where the IUD is placed
Soon enough, he’s done. It took maybe 5 minutes. Though I didn’t look at a clock before, during or after. They instruct me to keep laying down, but I can scoot up along the bed. They had me with my rear hanging off the edge of the bed a little more than usual due to the tilt of my cervix. But in doing that I hurt my back. I have degenerative disk disease and so I was now in pain in my back, I felt paralyzed it was hurting so bad. I managed to scoot myself up the table a bit and tried to get a little comfortable. They asked me if I was feeling dizzy at all. I wasn’t. The nurse asked if I’d like some water, and she brought me some.

I stayed by myself for maybe five minutes and then the nurse came to check on me. She helped me sit up, and I needed to get down off the bed to try to loosen my back up. I got down, and moved around a little. Had some difficulty bending over but managed to get dressed and put my shoes back on.

Then I headed out.

I was cramping the rest of the day, and as soon as I got home I took 800mg of ibuprofen. It did help me quite a bit. I laid down and took a nap. Thankfully my husband was off so I didn’t need to do much of anything.

I expected to feel better the next day, but that didn’t happen. I still hurt quite a bit. And actually kept hurting for about a week. The cramps lessened as the days went on. I had a discharge that was like mucus and a little bit of blood, but nothing that required a pad.

So as I’m writing this it’s been just about two weeks. To be honest, my husband and I haven’t had sex yet but that’s not because of the IUD, it’s because we’re both tired and it’s been busy around here lately.

The cramps have ended, and I’ve not felt anything weird. For that first week while I was cramping I felt as if I could feel the IUD, like I knew something was in my body, but lately that feeling has gone away.

So far, so good.

If you’re thinking about getting an IUD, I recommend talking to your doctor. I should go back to my doctor by July 20, 2020 to get mine removed/replaced. Mirena is good for about 5 years, while the smaller version, Paragard, is good for up to 3. I was told Paragard is good for those who have not had children (as it is smaller in size), or who do not want something that lasts as long.

As with all medications, what’s good for one isn’t good for all. So others may have bad reactions to their IUD, while others don’t. My sister has had her Mirena for a while now and hasn’t had any problems. I am hopeful that I’ll have the same result. Speaking to your doctor will help you determine if the IUD is right for you and your situation.

Also, speak to your spouse! Maybe they have an input or would like to be involved with this decision.

So tell me... Do you have an IUD? What's your experience with it so far? Do you use another method? Care to share? Tell me your thoughts!

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