Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Get Paid To Categorize Phone Calls

Sounds easy enough, right? It is, actually. 

So this website called Humanatic allows you to categorize a call (did a qualified employee answer/help the customer, no answer, etc). It's really easy, and I'm glad I found it. 

This in no way should be a full-time job or your only source of income, but I've read on the forums that people can make up to $150 a week (or even up to $50 a day). Though, you won't start off making that. You'll start off making about 1-2 cents per call, and as you prove your worth you'll unlock more categories which pay more and more, up to about 25 cents per call. 

They also offer bonuses for those on the leaderboard (those people are probably the ones who can take the higher paid calls). All  you need is a decent computer/laptop and headphones. You're listening to recorded calls, not making any. They aren't live at all. 

Super simple sign up - you need a verified Paypal account to sign up. They will ask you to sign in with your Paypal email - but the pop up from Paypal tells you they ONLY share your email with Humanatics, nothing else. 

A verified paypal account is one that has a bank account attached to it (routing and account number). Again, the company will not see any of your information at all, ever. 

Payments can be requested once you reach $10. Pay goes out once a week between Monday and Tuesday. You can only request one payment per pay week - so for good measure, request it on a Sunday.

I've only taken a handful of calls today (they're running low right now) and I'm over $1. 

So sure, its "chump change", but I look forward to working my way up to making $50 a day. For simply selecting the correct option, its easy money. 

If you want to sign up, go to the website and sign up. It is FREE to sign up and work. Please use my email ( as the person who referred you! Once you make $30, I'll get a bonus :) 

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