Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review: Case And More iPhone 6 Crystal Clear Case

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I love having multiple cases for my iPhone. Or any phone I own. With my previous phone, I had so many cases I could probably match to every outfit. I should probably sell those old cases. I just got my iPhone back in Feb due to my LG G2 dropping and breaking. I paid to upgrade my phone early and went back to the iPhone now that they're bigger than before. I love my iPhone 6, and so naturally I'm trying to protect it as best as I can. 

I was sent this hybrid bumper case, and at first I'll be honest, I was super skeptical. I've purchased a case that looked simple, and it was simple. The case was flexible and barely protected it. I have stored it away in my "case drawer". The place my cases rest until they are used again... or sold. 

But when this case came, I was surprised! It is minimal, but protective. You can see through it and see the Apple logo on the back (I know some iPhone users want that). And while it is easy to get your phone in and out, it is pretty protective! 

Unlike some cases or plastic items you get, there wasn't any kind of smell when I opened it!

There are plugs for the headphone jack and charging port to help keep dirt and dust out. I love that! Other cases I've had for this iPhone doesn't have that feature. It is also really easy to access the volume and power buttons. I have a case that makes you push pretty hard to get the buttons to work, but with this one, its as if the case isn't even there. The camera and flash aren't affected by the case either. Some cases you can't use the flash because it will reflect into the lens, but that isn't the case with this one.

This case came with a screen protector and a cleaning cloth. I didn't use the screen protector because I have one of those that protects your phone when you drop it (so that the screen on the phone doesn't shatter).  

 Below you can see the back of my phone with the case on. One with flash, one without, just for comparison.

Here in the three photos below you can see the bottom where the aux/headphone and charging jacks are. 

The two photos below show the front of my phone.  You can see that the edge is slim but protective. Excuse my dirty screen LOL

One last comparison of front and back.

I highly recommend this case! I love it, I think you will, too!

Get yours today by going to Amazon! The case will come super fast, so you'll hardly have to wait. 

Are you like me and can't have enough cases for your phone? Do you prefer a slim case like this, or a more rugged and protective case? Comment below and let me know! 

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