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I love wall decals. I have one large one in my daughters room, and my son has some Phineas and Ferb decals in his room. But I don't have anything anywhere else in the house. So I was super excited when DecalsTree contacted me to see if I'd like to partner with them for a review. My reaction: "Heck Yea!"

They let me choose anything with a value of $50 or under. To be honest, at first I wondered if that would be enough. But after viewing the website, there is quite a bit for under $50! A great place to find fun wall decals for any room in your home, while staying under a budget.

I chose Twin Trees with Flying Birds.
Keep reading to see my photos and review!

It got here pretty quickly. Within 4 days of shipping I received it. Super excited.

I expected this to be super easy. I expected the peices to be numbered like a previous review for wall decals. However, the pieces were'nt numbered. You pretty much could choose to put them how you want.

That scared me a bit.

Another thing I wasn't too fond of.... You couldn't just peel if off the sheet. You had to use a transfer sheet. Think of a large sheet of packing tape. Large and rectangular in size... However, super easy to stick to itself. I was able to use this (with some difficulty) to transfer the wording that comes with this set. It took some work to get everything up off the sheet it was on, and then took even more work transferring to the wall without any tearing, or without the transfer sheet sticking to itself!

That alone took me roughly 30 minutes. I was not too happy with the process, but it was on the wall and I was happy.

So for the trees, I didn't want to try that again. Instead, I cut some of the transfer paper into a managable size to get the tree up piece by piece. I guess the main idea of this transfer paper is that you place everything on it, and then place it on the wall. However, that is practically impossible. If you can get it, great! I couldn't. Its almost as if static had gotten into this, and imagine packing tape and static. It sticks to everything except what you want it to stick onto.

So the smaller piece allowed me to assemble the trees on the wall, piece by piece how I wanted. It took me maybe an hour to an hour and a half to do it this way. But I like the end result.

 Click to enlarge the photo to read the phrase!

I placed this behind the chaise we have over in the corner in the living room. My toddler loves to go over and touch the tree. She does it daily.

I think that if you get a peice that isn't so intricate like mine (tons of leaves!!!) then you wouldn't have such a difficult time getting it on the wall.

Overall, though it took me longer than expected, this was fun to do. I watched an episode of The Voice while doing this, stopping only to watch those I'm really interested in and fast forwarding through some commercials. The product, while pretty, isn't really the kind that you can move once its there. So once we move out of this apartment and into our own home, we won't be able to take these with us (unless I can buy a transfer paper from the company). So, when you purchase, make sure that you won't be needing to move it any time soon.

The website has discount codes posted on the left sidebar from time to time. Check out the site to see what they're offering today!

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars from me. Only 4 because of the difficulty, but again, I think that's just because of how intricate my design was.

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