Saturday, May 23, 2015

Personalized Children's Gifts

As a kid, and still today, it was pretty easy to find stuff in gift shops with my name on it. Since my name is Jennifer, it is still one of the most popular girls names. I even remember a book that I used to take out of the library often called Jumping Jenny. I loved it because it had my name in it!

These days, thanks to technology, we can buy personalized music CDs, books, movies, and more with our kids name on it, no matter how unique they are. I was lucky to be chosen by KD Novelties to receive a personalized book, and I chose to get it for my daughter who's two. My son is almost 11, so I didn't think it would fit for him (though they may have something for his age!).

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I chose My Tea Party. It was pretty easy to get through the process. They asked me he name I wanted in the book, where the person lives and three girlfriends. Well, since she is only two, I chose mommy, Grandma Audrey and Grandma Robin as her friends :)  Here is how our book turned out!

 Of course, I blocked out full name and location ;)

It's a totally cute story about mommy telling Isabella about the first time the Queen had tea. Isabella wants to have a tea party, too, and invites Grandma Robin and Grandma Audrey to come on over. 

And at the end of the book, it lists all the manners you should have while having tea. And its a good reminder in general about manners at the table (maybe I should have my son read these lol).

There are so many cute books, from Disney Princesses to Sesame Street and more. Check them out by clicking here.

By the way, these make great gifts for any ocassion!

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