Thursday, May 7, 2015

Celebrate Your Graduate in A Unique Way!

Do you have a child graduating this (or next) month? This is a great way to celebrate the occasion! New, different and unique gifts are always enjoyed by the person receiving it. So why not get a plate with your graduates face on it? What a fun way to remember the event!

Looking for graduation table decoration ideas? Celebrate this
momentous event with our disposable or glass personalized
graduation plates. Easily add your own photos and text, creating a
one-of-a-kind table setting. You'll get an A for creativity when your
guests see the special touch you've added to celebrate this notable
day. Disposable plates mean easy clean-up too!

Go to our Graduation Page to shop our different designs or
create your own. To help make the celebration extra special,
Create UR Plate has 2 different deals happening now:
Search the Graduation
category and select the 50%
off offers. The deal and a
sample of the banner is below:

Celebrate the Graduate! Create your celebration, your way!
Or search for Free Shipping
offers! The deal and a sample
of the banner is below:

Celebrate the Graduate! Create your celebration, your way!

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