Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Post Baby Weightloss (and a giveaway!)

I know how hard it is to lose weight after baby. With my son I gained something like 35 pounds. On an already curvy girl, that was more than my doctor had intended (but those wings were oh so good!). With my daughter I technically only gained 1 pound. I know, impossible, right? Well, I lost 15 pounds during the first trimester and gained that 15 + 1 pound by time I delivered. It was crazy, but not totally impossible.

The worst part about both? They were c-sections. 

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It isn't as easy to lose the weight after a c-section. Not all of us are able to bounce back into pre-baby (or better) shape after birth. I'll admit, while I scream "You go girl!" to those women who post pics 3 weeks after birth and they have abs I've never seen, inside I am hating them, but not with an anger, with jealousy. 

I'll be the first to admit that I wish I had those genes. Maybe those who worked out during pregnancy have an unfair advantage to losing that weight. 

Maybe the rest of us who don't have expensive trainers need some extra help in that area. 

FitTea may have the answer. See, I've posted about them before (see here) and had favorable results during that two week period. Now, they have a postnatal version of their popular product line. The Post-Natal Fatburner supports healthy weight loss while being safe for breastfeeding women. It even helps boost lactation. Breastfeeding already burns calories, well burn a few more if you take this supplement and help increase your supply. My supply is the reason I had to stop breastfeeding before I intended to.


FitTea gets it. You're a busy mom. You may have more than one child, you have errands, maybe a job, life is just busy. You can't get the same time off that celebs get, nor can you afford the trainers they have. 

After I had both my kids, I felt like I had no energy and just wanted to lay around the house in sweats and binge on my fave TV shows. I'd even spent a whole day watching Phineas and Ferb with my son after my daughter was born. 

I know it isn't easy, and still isn't even though my youngest is two years old already. I would have totally tried this had it been around after my daughter. Give this a try! Check it out here. What do you have to loose?

They are giving away 30 bottles! Enter below for your chance.

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