Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LEGO KidsFest Phoenix Review

This past Friday (Feb 27) I had the chance to head out to LEGO KidsFest Phoenix held at the University of Phoenix Stadium (yup, the same place where the Arizona Cardinals play and the Superbowl was just held). This was our first time ever going, we've never gone before. So it was exciting to head there for the first time.

 ^^^Yes! That is all made from LEGO bricks!
Keep reading to see what we thought!

Note to self for next time: take the stroller! As much as you know your toddler will like to run around, you'll definitely want the stroller for her meltdown! We decided against it, but lordy we needed it LOL.

We found the Pink Princess Duplo blocks! Wooo!!!! Bella got lost in them (pink shirt in the center of the pile)!

The only other sucky part was the super long walk to get down to the field. I'm assuming they set it up this way for the super long lines at opening. We got there about an hour late and was a breeze to get in. But walking around half the stadium felt like a marathon in my flip flops. You try keeping up with an excited 10-year-old boy, and an equally excited 2-year-old girl who doesn't know why she's so excited.

An even bigger original color Duplo set... 
She was wearing flip flops and kept sliding everywhere!

There were kids everywhere, and for a few mins we ended up losing Eric for a little while. Thankfully, he is 10 and he has some common sense. He walked over to a build area that he thought we said he could go to. So thankfully he wasn't just running around like a crazy person. Thankfully.

(above)This area was cool. 
You could build a car, and race it down!

(below) an awesome little town. 
Some of the parts actually moved!

We found him and I relaxed a bit. But there was so much going on, it was easy to lose track of the kids. There was an area towards the entrance that if you lost your kids you can go to them, tell them what they're wearing and they'd announce the name and look for the child, too. While we were there, we heard a few kids names being called out. Not sure if they were winning stuff or if they were lost and the parents were trying to find them.

We had such a blast though. Eric did a thing where he had two mins to make a flower out of Legos. He could have used a few extra minutes to finish it if he had it his way. But it was still cute. I didn't get a pic, I didn't go inside with him. But all the kids got to leave with a parting gift, which was really cute.
^^^flower making contest!

Some of the other stuff we saw there...

 I love this pic of Batman. Looks like he's holding the light lol

 I know who the TNMT are. But only Eric knew the Aligator looking dude. LOL.

 Jake and Buckey!

The BEST part, in my opinion, is this really cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle wall. It is made from individual bricks! Its super cool!

An up close look at it so you can understand the skill level this requires.

Did you go?  Are you planning to go?

If the LEGO KidsFest is coming to a town near you, you need to go! Your little LEGO lovers will just die.

The LEGO KidsFest 2015 tour stops include Arizona (Glendale): February 27 - March 1; Missouri (St. Louis): March 20 - 22; Tennessee (Nashville): April 17 - 19; and Texas (Austin): September 4 - 6. 

LEGO KidsFest tickets are $22.50 for adults and $19.50 for children and can be purchased  online at http://www.legokidsfest.com. 

*I was compensated in the form of tickets for my family and I in exchange for sharing information related to the event, as well as my visit!

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