Thursday, March 12, 2015

I Was *That* Mom in Costco Today

I'll admit it. I was that mom in Costco today.

You know, the mom you say you never want to be. The one with the kids who are misbehaving and acting up. The one you feel sorry for. The one who probably should have come alone. The one you see buying alcohol and secretly say to yourself, "I'd drink, too if I was her."
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You see, today I just wanted to get a few things. I wanted to grab some snacks to last my toddler for the week and found something for dinner while I was there. I wanted to take a look around to see if there was anything else we needed to buy.

I just wanted to have a trip to the grocery store. I really wanted to get in and out. But of course I came at 4pm, when everyone else was getting off work and had the same thought in their mind.

Yes, I look tired, exhausted, no makeup on my hair was thrown into a messy bun. Could you blame me? Yes, I threatened my child with that passive-aggressive tone we moms have, you know you've used it before.

If you would have asked, I would have told you. My toddler hasn't had a nap, she refused to take one. My 10-year-old has autism and ADHD, he can't control his impulses and would love for you not to stare. Sure he asked out loud if your child was allowed to eat apples before you bought them, but when he's gotten in trouble for stealing before, I'm sure you understand why.

See, I tried to get my toddler to nap before I came. I wanted to bring only her and be in and out earlier in the day. But she didn't nap. So I gave up when my son got home from school. I needed to get dinner, so I couldn't wait any longer.

Next time before you judge, stop and think for a minute. Think about what that mom is going through. Maybe there is a reason for her crazy. Maybe she (or her kids) have a disability or something else going on. Lives aren't perfect, they are messy. Just as messy as my toddlers face after eating pasta.

So before you throw your accusing stares at me, and feel sorry for me. Know that I don't want your pity, nor your glaring stares. Just say a little prayer that those kids go to bed early tonight.


Bella being angry when I try to take her pic.. She made a mess while eating a chocolate chip cookie.. She really didn't want this to get out ;)

Eric being adorable with the Bud Light Up for Anything car before the Superbowl.

Have you ever had a moment where you're like, "Crap, I'm that mom"? Comment below and let me know what happened!!!

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