Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's For Her

So, of course Valentine's Day is right around the Corner and everyone is running around trying to figure out what to buy their girlfriends for Valentine's Day (don't worry ladies, I'll post for the guys soon!). Sure, you can go ahead and get the traditional flowers (I have a great suggestion on those below) or you can do something crazy and get her lingerie in a style she (and you) will love.

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So, starting with the most obvious choice here. I highly recommend The Bouqs. I've posted about them before (read here). They are an amazing company where all the flowers are flown straight to you from the farm! Every order is $40 with shipping included (you can pay for more than the standard Bouq though). These flowers grow on an acvtive volcano in South America. My flowers were shipped direct from Equador. You'll see it on your shipping, too!


If your girl is into beauty products, then this is where you start to give subscriptions to some of her favorite beauty products. If she is into nails, check out Julep Maven. For makeup, BeautyBox5, Ipsy and even Birchbox are great choices. FabFitFun is another box that offers the best of fitness, beauty, fashion and welness each month. Either way, this is a gift that keeps on giving each month!
Julep Beauty Inc.

There are several options for this. And oftentimes men tend to get the wrong thing. Whether it's the wrong style or it's the wrong size. Well, while your girl is taking a shower or at work, find out what size she is! Make your life a little easier! True & Co let's you take a quiz to find the best pieces for her. Check out my blog post here to see the last days for shipping to receive it before Valentine's Day. They have styles for most sizes. 

If your girl is a crafty kind of person, she may be interested in a Cricut! It's a cool printing machine that can print out shapes, letters, words, etc. The possibilities are endless with this machine! Or maybe she'd like to try out a class at home! Craftsy offers so many classes (some are free). Gift her with a gift card to a class of her choosing. Whether sewing, knitting, crochet, scrapbooking, even learning new knife skills. Take a look, I'm sure you'd find something she'd be interested in.


If she's a fashionista, then you already know you need to buy her something that can aid in her shopping. So, get her a gift card to Modcloth. She can find clothes and accessories that aren't typically found in stores. You may even find something that she'd like - go ahead and buy it!

Ok. So maybe wino isn't the word.... Wine enthusiast. Whichever you prefer, Club W is a great gift! Club W is a monthly wine club, reimagined. The recommendations are unique to your palate. It considers your lifestyle and budget, and all bottles start at $13. The image below will give you $13 off your first order (equivalent to getting a bottle on the house!). If you order within 24 hours of first visiting, you'll get an extra $7 off your order for a total of $20 off your first order! When the average order size is $39, this is practically half off! You can cancel anytime, and shipping is free on any order with 6 or more bottles! If you don't love the wine, let them know! They'll replace it anytime.

I have to say, I'd love it if my husband surprised me with a trip. Typically, we plan everything together, in advance. We LOVE visiting Las Vegas, it's a quick one-hour plane ride or a 4 hour drive from where we live. If you're close enough (or even if you're not!) you should book a trip! There are some pretty great rates available if you look at a wide variety of hotels. If you want super affordable, check out hotels down on Fremont Street. The party there never ends, and that's where the zip lines are! Surprisingly, you don't hear a whole lot of the noise in the rooms. A great stay and some shows would be a great Valentine's Day gift for her!

That's all the suggestions I have today. I'd be happy if my husband gave me any of those items! Don't forget though, its the thought that counts. Be sincere and loving. Get her something she loves. Get her something that relates to one of her hobbies. She'd be happy it wasn't the same ol' same ol'. 

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