Friday, January 9, 2015

Show Your Disney Side Party

Last year I was selected to host a Disney Side @Home celebration, and I was chosen yet again to host one! I'm super excited. As with last year, I don't have a specific theme, though some others do. I can't wait to see what I'll get. I'll have my package on Thursday January 15. So this is a great way for me to share some ideas with my fellow Disney lovers. Whether or not you're hosting a sponsored Disney Side party or you want to throw one just because, I'm going to share some ideas for themes!

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Last year, our party package was all Mickey Mouse related. We had such a fun time, and the American Tourister suitcase was pretty cool! The photos below are from last years party kit...

A photo posted by Jennifer Tyree (@jentyree) on

And the whole package laid out... Sorry it's blurry, I had a crap phone at the time LOL

A photo posted by Jennifer Tyree (@jentyree) on

Like I said, I don't have a theme, so I'm assuming it will be a general Disney theme like this. So, whether you're going to throw a sponsored party like me or you just want to have a Disney themed party (or maybe a little ones birthday is coming up?), here are some great Disney themed party ideas!  Once I get this years pack, I'll post about it!

My toddler LOVES Sherriff Callie, but I have a hard time finding Sherriff Callie party supplies. But, I've found a set that is close enough!
Pink Cowgirl Party Supplies at Birthday Express

Pink Cowgirl Party Supplies at Birthday Express

How cure are the girls cowgirl outfits?!

Now of course, who am I to not include Frozen somewhere? I really did love this movie and could listen to Let It Go all day.
Frozen Costumes at Birthday Express

Frozen birthday party supplies

The Mickey decor below was exactly what we got last year!

My Totally Random Life: Disney Party Themes

There are a ton of super cute and super fun themes online. The best part is you don't have to purchase each item individually. You can purchase a whole set with everything you need, including party favors! And you can get 15% off all orders $50 and more! From now until 3/31/15

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