Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan

I got to try this amazing fan from Ozeri. Let me tell you how great it is, and why you should get one, too!

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If you didn't already know, I live in Arizona. Typically its warm year round. Our winters aren't as bad as the rest of the country, but it can get pretty cold (lows in the low 30s). Heck, this morning we had frost and ice on cars and the ground! 

For the past couple weeks our weather has been up and down. We had a couple weeks that we were freezing even during the daytime. I think our highs were only in the high 40s or 50s with our lows in the low 30s. Then we had a week we were in the 70s and even hit 80 degrees. 

Typically during the spring, summer and fall we have a fan running in the downstairs. The way our apartment is set up is like a townhouse. The living, kitchen and dining (and a half bath) is downstairs while the bedrooms are upstairs. The AC and heating units are actually up on the roof, and the way everything is set up, the upstairs gets all the heat or air faster than the downstairs. 

But thankfully fans like this one save us. I had a fan that I bought at Walmart, and it did the job, but I wished for more. Then I was contacted by Ozeri. I am so happy I chose to review this one! This fan is more powerful then I could have hoped for. It is AMAZING. 

It is pretty stylish, but most tower fans are. This fan is engineered to generate more air velocity with less noise. I can attest to this! This fan is pretty quiet! This Ozeri fan is super quiet and really powerful. 

My fan is located by the front window. Surprisingly, it doesn't blow warm air being by the window! Which is pretty amazing in my opinion. 
Left: Fan is on, you can see the screen lit up. 
Right: Fan is off, you see its black with nothing showing.

This fan has 3 pre-programmed airflow patterns designed to help foster sleep, relaxation and comfort. It also has 3 quiet speed settings with 90 degree oscillation for optimal air circulation. One of the settings is a 12 hour timer that can be programmed in one hour increments. I think the best part about this fan is the temperature! It displays the rooms current temp on the screen. It appears at all times as long as the fan is on, so you'll always know how cold (or hot) your room is. Currently in my pics its 75 degrees inside my apartment.
Left: Fan is on low. Right: Fan is on medium. Bottom Center: Fan is on high. 
The higher setting the fan is on, the faster those blue lines will spin. They resemble fan blades.

Left: The moon signifies night mode.
Right: The tree signifies nature mode. It will randomly go through low, medium and high settings to give you a breeze feeling as if you were outside. It is to mimmick the natural way of the breeze.

Left: An image of the fan on its highest timer, 12 hours. After the time runs down, it will automatically turn off. Perfect for bedrooms!
Right: the back to back crescent shapes above the 75 signifies that its on oscilate mode.

The best part: the remote. You can sit on the couch mere feet away and change the speed, direction, etc. The remote can control every aspect of the fan. It also stores in the fan itself! (my previous tower fan does have a remote, but doesn't have a storage for it).

Storage space on top of fan. 

This assembles easily and requires no tools. It comes with the fan, base, extension column (to make the fan taller if you like), remote, manual and warranty.

I do not have the exension base attached at the moment. I can't seem to find the screws that came with it to attach it to the base. So I've gotta look in my "tool and spare parts" drawer to see if I threw them in there, which I probably did.

I 100% recommend this fan. It is the fan I've waited all my life for. Once it starts getting warm again around these parts I'm going to buy one for my bedroom. Oh, my daughter (Bella, 2) loves to stand in front of the fan when its on. Its also super easy to control - she can turn it on with the remote with no problem!

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