Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Ozeri Pedometer

I've used pedometers before, typically they were on my phone though. Did you realize that smartphones have apps that can track your steps? The most recent one I've downloaded is Noom. However, I'm starting to realize it tracks EVERY movement made. So when it says I walked 2,000 steps when I've been home all day, I know it's wrong. Granted, I want something like a Fitbit, but it's out of the budget at the moment. 

For those who want a good old fashioned pedometer, the Ozeri pedometer is a great choice. I received this pedometer in exchange for my honest review.
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This pedometer isn't huge. It's a great size, and won't get in your way while walking or working out. It comes with a lanyard to wear around your neck. Or you can place it in your pocket.

When I wear it, it falls right on my chest.It is long enough to easily read while wearing, which is great. Yet it isn't too long to wear it would get in the way. 

I wore it as soon as I received it. After visiting a few stores, I've already walked 1,603 steps!

This pedometer can not only record your steps, but also your distance, speed, calories and even time! As you can see from the above pics, you can input the date and time, and it will keep track at all times. I received this about a month ago. I waited to post about it because I really wanted to see if it could keep track.

It has 3 recording modes, today, split and total. The pedometer gives a split screen to display multi-data views. 

It has new 3D tri-axis sensor with an X, Y, Z plane detection to provide superior accuracy in any position. 

This pedometer can count up to 1 million steps (I'd love to see someone take that many steps!) and has a 7-day memory with the built-in clock, calendar & sports timer. It also has an auto-sleep mode for when not in use. It also features a blue light for viewing at night time/in the dark.

When you're first setting it up, you can input all sorts of info such as weight, the length of your step, etc. 

Here are some photos I took this morning of all the different screens... You can tell I haven't walked with the pedometer yet this morning, but its all good. You'll get the point.

Left: Main screen. Shows steps today, time and date.
Right: Hows kcals, todays time and date.

 Left: Miles walked today, time and date
Right: Mins walked, todays time and date

 Miles per hour walked, todays time and date.

This little pedometer can do quite a bit. I'm so glad I received one. I'm really looking forward to kicking up my game. I want to be more active than I currently am. I'm really going to try this new year. I am gathering healthy recipes and trying to stay away from processed foods, not only for me but for my family. We all could be healthier. And I want to get into better shape. Wish me luck!

 Get your pedometer on Amazon. They come in black or yellow! 
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