Monday, November 30, 2015

How I Monitize My Blog With Affiliates

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I recently posted on the more traditional ways I monetize my blog. But this time, I wanted to show the more "fun" ways that I earn. These links may contain referral links where I'll earn money if you sign up. Others are affiliate links that offer the same thing.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mystery Shopping Scam: What To Look For

If you have been a follower for some time then you know that I am a mystery shopper. I am aware there are scams.  Here is one that I received at some point. I want to share the scams with you so you're aware.

Here is a screen shot of the scam I found in my Gmail.

Work at home scam
You can tell it's a scam in many ways. There are spelling errors.  The error in the word "Address" which shows as "A_ddress".  

Please know that NO mystery shopping company with email you without your expressed consent. You have to contact them first, or be on a website where they will contact you (such as Shadow Shopper). Also, they won't EVER pay you before you do work. They will never ask you to send them money. They will ask for a receipt or business card to verify the shop visit. Rarely does a shopping company pay you directly after the shop. Most of these companies are on a net 30, 45 or 60 (sometimes even 90!). Meaning they pay you 30-90 days after the shop has been completed. 

Feel free to find me on Facebook, and ask me any questions!

Have you received emails like these? Did you fall for any? Tell me your story and help others learn. Feel free to send a comment here, on my Facebook or send me an email and I can share your story.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Why I chose an IUD (Part 2)

If you’re just joining me, please read part one on Why I Chose To Get an IUD. This is a continuation.

If you’re joining us for part two, welcome back! Thank you for joining and reading my story thus far. This portion will talk about IUD insertion, what the pain is like during and after, and any side effects I may have in the future.

Why I Chose To Get an IUD (pt.1)

I know that there are going to be some of you that think I just made the worst decision of my life. Some of you may be curious, some of you may not even care. But while I was doing my research for my next form of birth control, my doctor highly recommended that I get on Mirena. You’ll see my reasons later on in this post, as well as why Mirena was right for me.

I understand that not all of you will benefit from Mirena or any other IUD. Not all birth control works for everyone. Just like not all medications work for everyone. It's trial and error, really.

So let me tell you my story, and why I chose to get the IUD over other forms. 

This will be a two-part post. It’s too long to just be one post, so I broke it up into two parts. I hope you read both :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Finally, a Video App That's Safe For Kids!

Have you heard of Kideos? It's a video app, similar to YouTube, but it only allows kids to view kid-friendly videos. You can even place a time limit on their viewing!
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