Thursday, December 4, 2014

Try on Glasses at Home Before You Buy!

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I've never heard of Warby Parker until recently. What makes them stand out to me from other online eyeglass companies is that they let you try them on before you buy. Yes! You can actually try on up to 5 of your favorite pairs to see how they look on you before you buy. I've bought glasses online only to have them not fit my face the way I like or they look horrible on me. And you can't return them at all. So, which ones did I choose? Keep reading to see!

I chose 5, just because I could. They let you try on up to five pairs. Now, these won't have your prescription in it. They're just plain old regular lenses. It's perfect to show your family, friends, dog (or cat) and get their opinions. You can try them on for 5 days, then send them back in the box they came in. They also send you a return label.
Opening the box.

They give you ideas where/how to share. If you share on social media, use their hashtag and they'll chime in, too!

They also give you a space to write down thoughts about the ones you tried on.

Ta-Da! The glasses. Let the trying on games commence!

I put the smiley with the hearts on Laurel 615, the top left. Those were my fave. The rose colored bottom half is so pretty. I really do love that color, and I feel like they look great on my face!
 Wilkie 325 and Verne 370 were eh. But I did like Holcomb 3245. The tiny hint of a cat-eye without being all in your face. Better for those who may not be able to wear super fun glasses to work, these are fun and pretty, yet still pretty conservative.  Not a fan of Vaughan 325.. They look like the glasses the old man in the movie Up! wore...

Oh how my son makes faces LOL. He always wants to wear my glasses even though he doesn't. I guess most kids want to do this. But I try to tell him how it can hurt his eyes and he shouldn't. He loved that he could try these on with me. Holcomb 3245.... his face..... idk what he was going for LOL. But He wasn't a fan of Laurel 615, they were too girly for him (as were Holcomb). He liked Verne and Wilkie the best, and was OK with Vaughan.

Warby Parker Home Try-On Program

Know someone who could use a new pair of glasses? Gift them what they need!

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