Friday, December 12, 2014

My Favorite Holiday Traditions

With Christmas less than two weeks away (and I haven't even started shopping yet), it's getting close to getting geared up for our Christmas traditions. I have some from when I was a kid, but my husband really doesn't have any. He doesn't get why I want to do what I do every year, but I'm trying to show him its SO worth it.

My traditions started when I was a kid. My mom used to read Twas The Night Before Christmas every Christmas Eve (fitting, right?). We'd leave out cookies and milk for Santa, open one present of our choosing and then head off to bed after watching one of the many Christmas movies that played on TV. This didn't go in this order every year. Typically, the book was the last thing before my sister and I stayed up all night long (or at least attempted to most years).

The traditions I'm passing on to my kids will include the present on Christmas Eve and reading Twas The Night Before Christmas. It's such a classic, how could you not want to pass it on? I also want to start a new tradition... I plan on putting a gift together for both of them. It will be in one box, and they'll open it a few hours before bed. It will include a new pair of Christmas PJs, a bag of popcorn, hot cocoa and marshmallows and a new movie. Some years it will be a Christmas movie, some years it may not be. I want to do this with them in hopes that they'll do this with their kids, and it will keep going on down the lines.

I don't know why it's so important to me... Maybe because my mom did it every year with my sister and I? I know we looked forward to doing these things every year. It was a favorite thing of ours. We waited impatiently all day on Christmas Eve to open those presents.

What are some of your holiday traditions? What makes them so special for you?

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