Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Fave Pre-K Learning Apps Got An Update!

I love it when a favorite app updates their software! It makes the app better in all sorts of ways! This review is for Kids Academy (I've reviewed them a few times before; here, here, and here). But recently they updated the apps.
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Update! The app was just updated, and can I just say, it's better than ever! The graphics somehow look even better than before. She loves to sing along as best as she can, and she dances to all the music! The app has saved out sanity while out a few times (see original review below). Thankfully I keep my old iPhone 4 on deck so that way we can avoid meltdowns. This app has been great!------original review below------My toddler loves music, and when she can get it on my phone, she's in heaven. This app has been a great tool. Not only to help her learn, but also to save my sanity during a tantrum at a store. I don't mind having the songs playing while we're walking through Wal-Mart! Better than a screaming child. Anyways. This app is pretty great. She's loving all these kids songs that I learned as a kid. You don't hear them as often these days as you did back then. So I'm enjoying teaching her these songs. She isn't a talker yet (she's currently going to speech) but I've taken this app to her speech therapy appointments. The therapist has been incorporating it and showing her some signs to use with the song. In one way or another my baby is learning. Kids Academy, you've done it again!  

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Update: Still going strong! I can't believe that these Kids Academy apps have been so wonderful for my toddler. She knows how to wake my iPhone and knows where to go to get the Kids Academy apps. While she is too young to really grasp what is being taught, it's still awesome that she is interested in these apps. One day (probably soon) she will understand what's going on. I love Kids Academy and can't wait to see what else they come up with!

----original review-----

I've been on a downloading spree trying to find some really great learning apps for my almost-two-year-old. Kids Academy has some amazing apps! Granted she is too young for most fo these, but she is having a ball, and I can tell she's learning. She loves the characters which we have seen in previous apps we've downloaded from Kids Academy, so for her it's like seeing a friend. My son, who is 10, enjoys sitting with her and playing the games with her. Even though she thinks she is just playing, she really is learning and I love that. Kids Academy has done it again!  (I received compensation to download and provide my honest opinion on this app. The opinion stated is 100% mine and not swayed by the fact that I received said compensation.)

Android users can also find Kids Academy on Google Play!

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