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Mary J Blige: The London Sessions (Review)

Mary J Blige has taken some time off from music. I personally thought she was done. Then she surprised us all and came back with something new and refreshing. Of course I love all her music previously, but her new album, The London Sessions is a breath of fresh air. It's nice to see her step out of her musical comfort zone.

I saw on TV the other day she was speaking in an interview about this album. She met with Amy Winehouse's father and talked with him. She said she felt a connection to Amy, but was never able to meet her before her death. It would have been something incredible to get these two on a track together! In any case, she met with her father, and Amy inspired a bit of this album. You can feel it. You can feel that the London vibe sparked something in Mary we haven't seen/heard before.

She worked with artists such as Sam Smith, Disclosure and Emeli Sande. You can feel her new, fresh vibe on this album. You can feel that she has a new sense of herself. You can feel it. I'm digging this album. I'm so happy to see this legend back in action. Her voice has been missed and is irreplaceable.
 The queen has returned! 

There is a good mix of ballad and up-tempo songs. I don't feel a "no more drama" type song, where she lays her heart out, but its def Mary. Her songs aren't what you're used to hearing from her. If you're looking for "old Mary" then look elsewhere. These are new, fresh, and a new direction for her. There are even some songs that have an EDM/House music beat behind her soulful voice. I saw somewhere online they said the album sounds like 90s house music. I can totally feel that.

My personal favorites without a doubt is Therapy and Doubt.

Track listing:
Therapy: upbeat, folksy almost, truth telling. It has an Amy Winehouse vibe to me. Also feels gospel with the hooks and the background singers. It feels good.
Doubt: I'm a sucker for a choir, and this has it. It's a good song about leaving those who doubt you behind. "I made it to the end, I nearly paid the cost". It speaks truth to your soul.
Not Loving You: First listen I swear it sounds like a Twilight melody to me. It's very pretty. But not something I thought I'd hear. But it's a great song about not being able to love someone if they can't even love themselves.
When You're Gone: The classic story of how she misses him so much when he's gone, but they tend to have a few problems when they're together. I'd rather fight then spend time apart, too.
Right Now: Upbeat. Bangs the bass. It's a banger but she's saying how her love won't be the same no more. She's taking it back. I kinda love it when a song is upbeat but it's kinda telling the person off.
My Loving: I'll be honest... The first line or two it sounds like Michael Jackson... Not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing. Even though it starts off slow you know that its gonna be upbeat. It's her basically saying that she's the best he'll ever find.
Long Hard Look: Its an upbeat tune. She's telling him to take a long hard look at himself. They may have ups and downs, but it don't mean its something to throw out. She's telling him to take a long hard look.
Whole Damn Year: This song sounds like its recovering from something tragic... It seems like a bad relationship and possibly a miscarriage... These lines "See winter took most of my heart / and spring punched me right in the stomach / summer came looking for blood/ and by autumn I was left with nothing". To me that sounds like a pregnancy loss. I could be wrong. But it can also be for a relationship gone wrong, too.
Nobody But You: An upbeat track. She's saying she doesn't care for anyone but that one person. She is missing that person and only wants them. It's catchy.
Pick Me Up: The horn intro is nice. Upbeat club-vibes make you want to move around.
Follow: It's an upbeat song, but it seems like she's threatening someone. Like, you are a follower, but tomorrow you'll be sad and alone. Interesting. I have a few "friends" this would have been great for.
Worth My Time: A heartfelt song. Sounds like an argument someone, anyone, could have had. She's saying she's not going to give up. They've been together for so long and she won't let go. You can feel the emotions in it.

Actually, you can feel the emotions in all the ballads. Which is something I've always liked about Mary.

So what are you waiting for? I recommend you buy this album now. You won't be disappointed.

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