Sunday, December 21, 2014

Learning Apps for Kids

Have you heard of Splash Math? I've actually reviewed the web version of their product earlier this year (see post here), but did you know they had apps? My son has really enjoyed playing the game on the computer these past months, but I didn't have the apps. Now that I have the apps, he'll probably play more. And it's not just playing, he's learning. In order to do anything fun, he has to actually do the math. 

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My son is in 4th grade, but because of his difficulties associated with his Autism (pervasive development disorder) and in part to his ADHD he is behind. He has an IEP at school which helps him get the services he needs to get caught up. I feel like Splash Math has helped him. I started him at a lower level than he actually is, so that way he can work his way up to what he already knows, and then continue on past that! 

I feel like Splash Math has helped quite a bit, and I even recommended it to his teachers to maybe use it as a tool in their classrooms, or recommend it to other parents to download and use at home. It is well worth it!

I hope that my daughter will benefit from this as well. She is only 2, so she isn't into learning math (we're focusing on language right now around here), but when she is older I plan on using Splash Math for her!
Splash math offers a variety of categories to help your child. You can choose your own, or follow the course. As the child learns and correctly gets their questions right, they earn points that they can use for a fun game they can play. My son has a fish tank (in the game) and he uses his points to buy fish for it LOL.

The best part is that you, the parent, get updates on your childs progress! It's a really helpful tool. I've taken the info, printed it out, and shown my sons teachers.

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Grades 1-5 review:
I can't say enough of this app. My son used the website version of this app for the past 7 months or so, and we can tell the difference. His teachers can tell the difference. He is having fun learning things he needs to learn, and while the rewards are simple, they are enough! This app would be perfect for any child who may not like math, or is simply having a hard time. This app will help change their attitude towards math, and they'll enjoy it. My 10 year old is doing amazing, and I 100% know this app has helped.

Preschool review:
How adorable is this! While my toddler doesn't quite get the concept of math, I know this app will be helpful. I've said on the Grade 1-5 app how it has helped my 10-year-old. I know that it will be a great help when its time to start getting my daughter ready for school. She is only 2, and I may be downloading this app prematurely, but it is so worth it. The colors and animations are fun. She loves when the hippo gets excited. At some point, she will understand what's going on, but till then, she can play and have fun on the app. 

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