Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fun Fashion Glasses from Firmoo (Review)

I've worked with Firmoo before (see review here). The sunglasses I ordered wasn't as wide as I had hoped, but they did the trick. I wore them in the pool this past summer quite often. They contacted me again recently for another pair. I said yes, in hopes I could find a pair that were wider and closer to something that I liked to wear. I chose a fun cat eye with a tortiose design on the top half (brown with light brown mixed in) and a pretty blue turquoise on the bottom half. (If you want to find them they are #F1009)
Keep on reading to see them on me! 

When I received them I was so excited. They fit great, they look great and they look good on me. They fit me and my face perfectly. I love it! Here are a few pics of me wearing them... 

 The one below was me playing around taking selfies in my fun new blanket wrap.

I really love these glasses. I wear them pretty much everywhere and I get loads of compliments on them. These are prescription, but you can buy them with just plain lenses in them if you don't wear glasses. If you do have a prescription, you simply upload the Rx into the system and ta-da. Your prescription should be less than a year old for best results, but no one is the prescription police. I know that sometimes its not in the budget, and not everyone has good insurance.

I love these glasses, and I think you will, too. Whether you order the frames like mine or you choose another pair, you'll be happy. 

Now, they do come from China, so they'll take around 3 weeks to get to you. That is the only downfall.

Each pair of glasses come in a case and include a cleaning cloth. I have so many of these cleaning cloths I keep one everywhere - in my bedroom, living room, on my desk and in my car. LOL.

If you order a pair, I'd love to see! Tag me @jentyree or #mytotallyrandomlife on Instagram, @jennifertyree on Twitter or +My Totally Random Life  on Google+.

Comment below: have you ever bought a pair of glasses online? Where from? Do you love them?

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