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Easily curl, Straighten & Give Your Hair Life

I've mentioned before how my hair absolutely hates me. It will literally suck the heat out of a curling iron, then won't curl! I have a curling iron that I rarely use. I also have a product from another brand that I've reviewed recently. But one of the products I'm going to tell you about takes the cake.


It's that awesome.

I received three products from Instyler and Vocalpoint to try out with some girlfriends (this time I used my mom and sister) and then report how I like/dislike them. I know you've seen one of these on TV as an infomercial. Or at least I remember seeing it a while back. I'm really excited I got to try these!

Look below to see what Instyler can do (+there is a nice discount available at the bottom of the post!)
So let's talk about the Instyler Max 2 Way Rotating Iron. This was my favorite. I cannot believe how great it works. This one is you've seen on TV if you watch infomercials. It is the rotating iron with the brush on it. It can be used for straightening, volume, shine, controlling frizz, and creating waves. It is good for all hair types and textures but is most transformative on thick and curly hair.

The iron rotates two ways, so it doesn't matter what hand you hold it with. If it isn't turning the way you need it to go (away from you) simply close the iron quickly twice. As your hair goes through it, it not only straightens (or creates waves, curls or body for you), it also adds shine to your hair. It polishes without crushing the hair, as traditional flat irons do. There are four heat settings, up to 450 degrees (F). 

My mom has permed hair that is coming out. She was wearing her hair up when I came over and so it looked crazy. But look what happened after using the iron only a few minutes. 

I only spent a few minutes doing her hair on the highest heat. Granted, if I took a few more minutes I could have probably taken all the curl out. But look at that pic on the left! Amazing! I was stunned.

Then I used it on my sisters long, SUPER thick hair. I just wanted to do a light curl with it. 
The long section on the right is the one I did with this. A cute little wave to it. Soft, loose curls that she thought she couldn't ever do on her hair. Her hair is crazy thick - most scrunchies she can't get around more than twice (if that). One day I want to do her whole head with it. Her hair is naturally straight, but I never would have had the time to do it all. 

This by far is my fave. Each package came with a heat proof mat to place on your counter so that way you don't burn the counter (because otherwise there isn't a way to put it down LOL). The box also contains a comb to make life easier. The comb has the attachment so that you can easily part your hair. 

Next, on to the Tulip
The Tulip is great for soft curls, beachy waves and even crazy cool tight curls.  It works well with naturally straight or wavy hair that is thin/medium texture (so my sister with her super thick hair shouldn't have gotten this great a result - see below!).  It has an open ceramic barrel design with anti-tangle technology (yet my hair tangled a few times). It has a safety guard for burn-free styling. It rotates two ways so that way you can get natural looking curls that alternate direction. You can set it to curl left, right or alternate. Alternate let's it choose and is best for the most natural looking curls. Three heat settings ranging from 350 to 430 degrees, and three timer settings to achieve a variety of looks (beachy, waves, or tight curls) with ease.

This is a close runner up. The only reason it is not #1 is because for me, it was harder. Maybe my hair just isn't long enough for me to do this on my own. But let's be real, I'm not asking my husband or 10 year old son to help me out with it! There was a few times my hair pulled and got a bit tangled as it was twirling it around - but it's most likely my fault as not all the hair was on the same side of the bar. That's the tricky part, and that's why I'm waiting till my hair is longer - then I'll get some use out of it. (note: my hair is past my shoulders).

Look at the curl it did on my sister though! OMG. I used the highest and longest setting for this. It was super easy on her hair since its so long. I really want a day to just have her come over and do her hair. It's hard though when we live 2+ hours away from each other. Maybe on Christmas LOL!

The last one...  is the Ionic Styler Pro. 
This is pretty cool at first glance. The packaging is odd though because on the opposite side of the blonde woman is a darker skinned woman with short hair. I guess its so that you can promote to all colors? But its just weird to me to have both yet on different sides of the box. And actually, look at the photo at the very top of this post, it shows the other side of the box. 

This one is a hot brush for smoothing and a ceramic flat iron for straightening, all in one. You can open the brush to use as a flat iron, or close to use as a hot brush to smooth hair and create volume at the roots. You can touch the brush, it isn't hot to the fingers at all! Those cool touch bristles add shine and allow you to style your hair without burning. It is good for all hair lengths and textures.

The brush does lock so if you only want to use the brush it can remain close during styling.

My issue with this brush is that it caused my hair to get static-y! I hated it. It also did nothing for my hair at all. I figured this would be great with my layers in my hair, but it just didn't do anything. This would be PERFECT for someone with short layered hair (like really short, Mary J Blige style short, layered pixies, etc).  

I used it on my sister, and this is what we got.... The section of hair on the right, middle of the screen. I started with the hair going through the straightener, and then used the brush as I straightened to see what it would do. You can see the ends got a little curl, but other than that, nothing except a line where I started using the straightener.

All in all, these are GREAT products. Even though I don't like the Ionic brush, you may find that you have great success with it. 

I'm adding these to my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. These would be great for your girlfriend, BFF, daughter, sister, mother, or anyone who loves to play around with their hair.

Now the fun part. Each of these are pretty pricey. But I have a deal for you! You can get 30% off up to two products if you use my code! 

Max 2-Way Rotating Iron = $99.99
Tulip Auto Curler = $99.99
Ionic Styler Pro = $79.99

If you want to buy, you can get up to 2 of these with the code (you'd get 30% each item, up to 2).
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This discount will be good until Jan 31, 2015. 

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