Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why I love Influenster, and Why You Will, Too.

Oh Influenster, how I love thee. Let me count thee ways.
Ok, so that may be a bit over dramatic, but seriously. This site is one of my favorite sites. Most of you should know by now that I love free things, but its more than just that. It's being able to try something before it even comes out. It's getting in and being one of the first people to try a finished product. It's getting the item for free and using my blog and social media accounts to spread the word about this great product.

It's voicing my opinion.

And who doesn't love to do that.

But seriously, there are many reasons why I love them. Let's take a look at why I'm so in love, and why you should join, too.

First off, if you are like me and love to give your opinion on items, this is where you need to be. Influenster allows me to do just that. They send me products and in exchange I share on my blog and social media my honest opinions. None of it is sugar coated. if I love it, I love it! If I don't, I don't. Either way, they're OK! They want me as a blogger to keep my integrity (and theirs) by telling my honest opinion on whatever the product is. 

They often have Twitter parties and other ways to earn gift cards or other swag for a variety of campaigns. Even on your own VoxBox (the box with your stuff in it) they offer brand badges. By doing simple tasks you can earn a badge that goes on your profile. Unlocking that badge can also win you something amazing. Example, earlier in the year I unlocked the Rimmel London badge and ended up receiving a box full of Rimmel London Makeup! I got mascara, liner, lipglosses, etc. 

There are a ton of us. Even if you don't have a blog, you can join! Search #Instagram on Twitter or Facebook and you'll see all the posts from others who've received something! Plus, you can ask and answer questions on products and brands right on the Influenster site. Expert users will answer back. You can write reviews of your fave products (and even your not so fave) on Influenster in order to unlock badges. These badges help determine what boxes you'll receive later on. If they think you're a fit for a box, they'll send you a survey to learn more. 

Most of all, my mailman knows me and knows that I get tons of packages (not just from Influenster). The UPS man also knows me by heart. He says my blog will give him job security. LOL. I love getting all these packages, and when people ask me I instantly get publicity (if that's what you want to call it). I tell them the name of my blog, and if its a good day I have a business card with the name on it to give them. I tell them the name of the site/company that sent the free stuff and I tell them they can get it, too.

They also have an app! The InfluensterApp makes it easy to keep up with everything!

If you want to join, please do! I have 15 invites left to give! Just shoot me a DM on Twitter (@jennifertyree) or send a private message on Facebook (@My Totally Random Life) and give me your email address! I'll send you an invite. I'm more than happy to share. This invite will get you in. 

Many of the boxes I've received were beauty related. However, they have plenty more than that! Men can join, too! There is so much available at Influenster. I expect to receive a few boxes a year from them.

Some past boxes I've received...
Clearproof System from Mary Kay (most recent, 11/2014)
Rimmel ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara (11/2013)
Below is an Instagram pic of the Colgate box I received in Feb 2014
A photo posted by Jennifer Tyree (@jentyree) on

I'm not exactly being compensated for this post. But by posting my love for Influenster I'm entered to win and become an Influenster Ambassador which features a cash prize.

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