Thursday, November 13, 2014

Redecorating Your Apartment Bathroom

If you're like me and live in an apartment, you know there isn't any way to really make the place feel like yours. Sure, you can go ahead and add your own shower curtain and toilet seat covers... But there are always ways to do more! I feel like the only downfall of renting (besides not owning the place) is that you can't paint or do anything major. Now, some complexes may let you paint as long as you pay extra or paint it back to white. I've seen some where they let you paint an accent wall one of a few colors they offer (they'll paint it for you before you move in). But that's the extent for most.

So I'm going to share how to redecorate your apartment bathroom. Nothing fancy or over the top and totally doable in ANY bathroom, not just in an apartment.

My favorite thing to do is find a color scheme I like, and add things that goes with it. You can add shower curtains, photos/art prints, flowers (real and fake), etc. Those are the basics, though. I also like to find shelving or storage solutions that I can use to maximize the small space. Apartment bathrooms aren't notoriously huge. Ours right now doesn't have that much storage space at all! I found some things on Amazon that can help maximize space for small bathrooms.

I particularly love the last two items... The mesh cabinet and the wall shelf with hooks. The mesh cabinet can be placed, and stacked under the bathroom sink to make the most of that small space. Use it for toiletries, sample sized items (if you're like me and get them all the time), even hair brushes and accessories. This is a great way to keep them all out of view, but easily accessible. The shelf is perfect for all bathrooms, to hang towels on and place washcloths or other items. If you have the space, the rolling storage shelf (top right) would fit perfectly between most toilets and the sink or wall. This can give you so much extra storage! I need to find one of those to fit next to my fridge (we don't have a pantry, nor enough cupboards!).

My most favorite way to personalize my bathroom, is by changing the bathroom faucets. Specifically, the shower head. Typically, the shower head already installed isn't anything good and is out of date. So I like to have a multi-setting shower head that can provide massage and jet stream settings for those nights when you need a moment to relax and the shower is the only place you can escape to! 

Danze has some amazing bathroom faucets (and faucets for other rooms) that are in a decent price point, and can do what you need, match any decor or style and are easily installed. 

No matter what you prefer, you can find the right shower head for you.. take a look at some of the showerheads that Danze has to offer... 
product# D460003BN

Product# D460030
Product# D460035

You can find so many more at their website:

Check out my Pinterest board for bathroom inspiration! So many great ideas for small spaces are on that board! 

If you live in an apartment, what is your favorite way to make your bathroom your own? Any advise for those of us who can't make major changes (as per our lease)?

*in exchange for this post, I will receive a shower head of my own! I'm choosing the Hydrocity 4" Four-Function Showerhead (middle photo). Once I receive it, I'll post a review, too!

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