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Instantly Achieve Beautiful Curls with the KISS InstaWave (Review)

I love to have my hair curled and get that extra body. But regular hair curlers just don't seem to do it. My hair seems to suck the heat out of the iron and then it doesn't even hold the curl. I was thisclose to giving up on ever curling my hair. But then I received a KISS InstaWave hair curler in exchange for my honest opinion. Did I love it? Like it? Hate it? Continue reading below!

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd know that I've already played with it.... and I got decent results! I'm actually surprised at how easy it was. My hair isn't super long, so I was a bit worried about that. But my hair is long enough to work with the InstaWave. It didn't do so bad! 
"The revolutionary KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful, long lasting curls with ease (no need to be a pro)."
If you're familiar with KISS nail products, then you know the brand! Yes, the same people who brought you your favorite nail products are making hair products, too.

The KISS InstaWave is a fully automatic tangle-free curler that instantly creates beautiful curls. You can use it in any hand, and you can curl in two directions (left and right, obviously). Its best to alternate which direction you curl to create natural looking curls. This has two heat settings, low and high, with a max temp of 420 degrees. The curler also automatically shuts off after 90 mins.

To use it, its pretty simple. Hold the InstaWave vertically, never hold it horizontally. Place a section of hair into the curling rod then touch the curl dialer to the left or right to twirl hair onto the rod. Wait 5 or 10 seconds depending on type of curl you want. If you're wanting a beachy wave, hold for 5 seconds, if you want a tighter curl, hold up to 10 seconds. Once you're ready, simply pull the InstaWave down vertically, it lets hair out and shows your fabulous curls! 

Surprisingly, this does not tangle hair! I totally thought that it was going to tangle, and I'd be crying. But it never tangled no matter what! Even if a few hairs didn't quite make it into the curl, it never pulled or tugged at my hair. It was very gently. 

I posted a video on my Instagram of me using the curler...............
A video posted by Jennifer Tyree (@jentyree) on

And then took quite a few photos afterwards. It should be noted that many of these curls I was watching TV rather than looking in the mirror. That's also probably why I missed a section in the back LOL. But overall, I felt it was super easy to use.

A photo posted by Jennifer Tyree (@jentyree) on

A photo posted by Jennifer Tyree (@jentyree) on

I definitely recommend it. If you have hair my length or longer, you're sure to get good use out of this. I found it heated up quite quickly, so I wasn't waiting too long to get started on my hair. You can check out the KISS InstaWave on the KISS website or on Amazon.

I'm throwing this onto my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide because I believe this would be a great gift for a teen, or any hair lover in your life!

If you buy it, I'd love to see what you look like after using it! Tag @jentyree and #MyTotallyRandomLife on Instagram and I'll see it :)

What's your least favorite part about doing your hair?

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