Friday, November 28, 2014

Angel Wrap Blanket = Greatest Gift Ever

While walking around Walmart last week, I found the MOST amazing thing. And I'm so happy I found it. It's a blanket/shawl type thing. It's called an Angel Wrap. It comes in a few different colors: leopard, zebra, geometric, turquoise, ruby or brown. I bought the leopard one, and I love it so much! It's soft, comfy, keeps you warm and I've even worn it out to pick up my husband from work (I wasn't getting out of the car, LOL). Took it to my moms for her Thanksgiving dinner and wore it on the drive home to keep warm in the car.

Here's me playing around taking selfies in it LOL

Its got an opening in the front, and then its shorter on the sides so your arms can be free to do what you want. I wish it was a little longer to fully cover with when curled up on the couch, but its still really great!!!

I know I live in Arizona, and you don't think we'd get cold. But we do! Just last week it was in the 60s, and once you've lived here a while that is pretty cold. We can get down to below 30 at night in January (I think that's our coldest month). It was 87 on Thanksgiving (our highest ever!) and was in the 80s today, but I know I'll be needing it coming up with the temps dropping again.

Totally throwing this on my 2014 Gift Guide because it would make such a great gift! And its super affordable!

Here is the color option:

And here is the pattern option:

What is your most favorite Christmas gift ever? Who gave it to you?

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