Sunday, November 30, 2014

Discount Fashion Glasses, and Get Your First Pair Free (review)

I've posted about before (see post here). Well they also sent me a pair of regular glasses to see with when I'm not wearing sunglasses. These are prescription glasses that I use to help me see. They are adorable, pink and fun. I love that they are wider than most glasses I've bought online from these discount-type websites. It actually would cost you a bit more to get glasses this wide depending on your PPD in your prescription.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Angel Wrap Blanket = Greatest Gift Ever

While walking around Walmart last week, I found the MOST amazing thing. And I'm so happy I found it. It's a blanket/shawl type thing. It's called an Angel Wrap. It comes in a few different colors: leopard, zebra, geometric, turquoise, ruby or brown. I bought the leopard one, and I love it so much! It's soft, comfy, keeps you warm and I've even worn it out to pick up my husband from work (I wasn't getting out of the car, LOL). Took it to my moms for her Thanksgiving dinner and wore it on the drive home to keep warm in the car.

Here's me playing around taking selfies in it LOL

Its got an opening in the front, and then its shorter on the sides so your arms can be free to do what you want. I wish it was a little longer to fully cover with when curled up on the couch, but its still really great!!!

I know I live in Arizona, and you don't think we'd get cold. But we do! Just last week it was in the 60s, and once you've lived here a while that is pretty cold. We can get down to below 30 at night in January (I think that's our coldest month). It was 87 on Thanksgiving (our highest ever!) and was in the 80s today, but I know I'll be needing it coming up with the temps dropping again.

Totally throwing this on my 2014 Gift Guide because it would make such a great gift! And its super affordable!

Here is the color option:

And here is the pattern option:

What is your most favorite Christmas gift ever? Who gave it to you?

I've posted affiliate links which earn me compensation if you make a purchase from my links. I was not paid to post this, I actually did buy it in the store on my own free will and I really do love it!
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Instantly Achieve Beautiful Curls with the KISS InstaWave (Review)

I love to have my hair curled and get that extra body. But regular hair curlers just don't seem to do it. My hair seems to suck the heat out of the iron and then it doesn't even hold the curl. I was thisclose to giving up on ever curling my hair. But then I received a KISS InstaWave hair curler in exchange for my honest opinion. Did I love it? Like it? Hate it? Continue reading below!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cricut Thanksgiving and Black Friday Sale

Why not stay home and get some amazing deals this Black Friday! If you're a crafter you'll love this deal from Cricut. You can get a Cricut Explore for only $219 and get $30 off all Explore Bundles! This would be a great gift, or just a great excuse to stock up for yourself!
Valid: 11/27-11/28
Thanksgiving & Black Friday Sale: Cricut Explore $219 + $30 off all Explore Bundles

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stella & Dot Black Friday Sale

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Black Friday is starting TODAY at Stella & Dot. Head over there now to receive an additional 25% off all sale items now through 11/30. You can save big on lots of Gifts for Her - necklaces, earrings, rings and other beautiful accessories. And to make things even better, right now they are having their DOT DOLLARS SALE! For every $50 you purchase, you will get $25 back to spend later. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Stella & Dot Black Friday Sale today! 

Stella & Dot Sale

Tea Collection's Black Friday Deals

Shopping this Black Friday? Instead of going out, stay warm and cozy at home. This is a great deal to get the kiddos some clothes for the holiday season. Whether they need a great outfit for the holiday photos, or they just need more clothes. These are some great deals! 

Tea’s highly anticipated Black Friday event is this week! 
Featuring coveted dresses for just $15 among other steals! 
Find styles for $12, $15 and $17 at Tea Collection! Includes looks for girls, boys, and babies.
Code: No coded required!!!
Valid: 11/28-11/29

Find styles for $12, $15 and $17 at Tea Collection’s Black Friday Event! Includes looks for girls, boys, and babies. Shop now!

More Holiday Deals from Zulily

There are so many holiday deals going on. If you're like me and aren't wanting to leave the house and deal with the crowds, then shopping online is JUST the thing you need. Check out these deals from Zulily!
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    Cricut: 40% off Supplies!

    Another great deal! Cricut is offering 40% off the ENTIRE supplies department! Stock up now!!!
    Valid: 11/25-11/26
    Pre-Black Friday Sale: 40% off Entire Supplies Department

    Sunday, November 23, 2014

    More Cricut Holiday Deals!

    Another great deal from Cricut!!!! Get it while it lasts! This one is one day only.

    Valid: 11/23-11/24
    Pre-Black Friday Sale: 40% off all Tools, Mats and Blades

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    Saturday, November 22, 2014

    Gymboree + Kiwi Crate Giveaway!

    Did you know that Gymboree has a giveaway going on? If you win, you'd get a $250 Gymboree gift card, $250 worth of Gymboree Play & Music Classes and a 12 months subscription to Kiwi Crate (worth $240).


    I entered, and you can enter too, click here. 
    You get quite a few ways to enter, I am crossing my fingers and toes! If one of my readers win, comment and let me know!

    *This is NOT a giveaway I'm holding. This giveaway is on Kiwi Crate's website. The entry link is mine and I earn additional entries when you enter using my link! I earn no compensation and am not affiliated with this particular giveaway*

    Friday, November 21, 2014

    Zulily's Top Deals

    Check below for some of the best deals at zulily today. 

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    ***** Top Discounts *****

    Retail: $40
    zulily: $9.99 (75% off)

    Retail: $120
    zulily: $29.99 (75% off)

    Retail: $74
    zulily: $20.99 (72% off)

    Retail: $30
    zulily: $9.99 (67% off)

    Retail: $22
    zulily: $13.49 (39% off)

    Please note that prices are subject to change.

    Cricut Deals

    Starting November 21 these are the deals you can score at Cricut! Whether you make a purchase for yourself or as a gift, this is a great time to do it!

    *below are affiliate links that may earn me compensation if you make a purchase*

    There will be more posting in the upcoming days... So keep an eye out!!!
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    Covergirl and #GirlsCan + Giveaway!

    "As strong women, we can do anything we put our minds to, and COVERGIRL knows that #GirlsCan follow their dreams and turn any can’t into a can! Whether you’re tackling an obstacle the day has thrown your way or you’re gearing up for a girls’ night out on the town, COVERGIRL can help keep you feeling empowered and beautiful."

    Tuesday, November 18, 2014

    Why I love Influenster, and Why You Will, Too.

    Oh Influenster, how I love thee. Let me count thee ways.
    Ok, so that may be a bit over dramatic, but seriously. This site is one of my favorite sites. Most of you should know by now that I love free things, but its more than just that. It's being able to try something before it even comes out. It's getting in and being one of the first people to try a finished product. It's getting the item for free and using my blog and social media accounts to spread the word about this great product.

    It's voicing my opinion.

    And who doesn't love to do that.

    But seriously, there are many reasons why I love them. Let's take a look at why I'm so in love, and why you should join, too.

    Friday, November 14, 2014

    Try Before You Buy with Warby Parker

    Have you heard of Warby Parker? They are a fun eyeglass company that sells glasses online. They are different from the others because they believe that buying glasses should be easy and fun. 

    They also understand that its hard to buy glasses online without seeing how they look on you. I can attest to how those photo programs that lets you virtually try on the glasses aren't always accurate. They don't measure your face, so when you get the glasses they may actually be too small for your face. So Warby Parker  allows you to try them on at home with the unique Home Try-On program.

    They also do good... For every one pair you purchase, one will be given to someone in need. They have already distributed over one million pairs already.

    They aren't stuffy and ugly glasses either. Warby Parker collaborates with innovators in fashion, design, art, music and social innovation. This is all to create one-of-a-kind glasses to those of us who buy them.

    All you need is your current prescription (less than a year old) and you can go online and find your new favorite pair of glasses. Or maybe even a back up pair. Or a pair of prescription sunglasses. Either way, you'll love what you find at Warby Parker. Take a look at what they have!

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    Thursday, November 13, 2014

    Redecorating Your Apartment Bathroom

    If you're like me and live in an apartment, you know there isn't any way to really make the place feel like yours. Sure, you can go ahead and add your own shower curtain and toilet seat covers... But there are always ways to do more! I feel like the only downfall of renting (besides not owning the place) is that you can't paint or do anything major. Now, some complexes may let you paint as long as you pay extra or paint it back to white. I've seen some where they let you paint an accent wall one of a few colors they offer (they'll paint it for you before you move in). But that's the extent for most.

    So I'm going to share how to redecorate your apartment bathroom. Nothing fancy or over the top and totally doable in ANY bathroom, not just in an apartment.

    Wednesday, November 12, 2014


    I found some giveaways I want to share with you all! I am not affiliated with any of these, nor will I make commissions if you click or enter. I'm just sharing because I want to :)

    Amazon Black Friday Deals

    Since the holidays have turned into something to spend money on, I know a lot of us are looking forward to Black Friday deals. As much as I want to go out, I don't want to wait in ridiculous lines and camp out (that should be against the stores policies!). A 50 inch TV $200 is great, but is it that great? I don't know. I think I'd rather spend it with my family.

    Anyways. I'll be looking forward to checking out Amazon's Black Friday deals!

    Shop Amazon - Countdown to Black Friday  (<-- a="" affiliate="" an="" compensation="" earn="" font="" from="" i="" if="" is="" link="" make="" may="" purchase="" that="" this="" you="">

    Tuesday, November 11, 2014

    Space Scouts - Perfect For Your Lil Astronaut!

    Space Scouts monthly subscription club for kids is a delightful learning adventure aimed at discovering the wonders of the universe! Each month your child will explore a new place in space -- stepping into the worlds of space exploration, space science, and astronomy. Join Roxy and Jett as they scout about the galaxy engaging your child in fun learning activities, hands-on discovery, and exciting challenges. Packages arrive each month filled with fun additions to your collection -- magnets, stickers, toys, and more! 

    Chocolate is THE Perfect Gift

    No matter what holiday, chocolate is the perfect gift! Cavanaugh's chocolates and candies make an excellent gift for anyone for birthdays, graduations and holidays! Let's be honest, chocolate is just the answer to everything!

    Read on to see how Mrs. Cavanaugh's got started!

    Monday, November 10, 2014

    Little Passports Special Announcement for Preschoolers!

    Little Passports Announces Early Explorers Subscription for Preschoolers
    **The links in this post are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link. Thank you for your support!
    Little Passports has a wonderful new program for preschoolers, called Early Explorers. Children ages 3 to 5 can experience the joy of learning about new cultures.
    Each month, your child will be introduced to a new theme like animals, music, and landmarks. Early Explorers is designed with preschoolers in mind and provides fun and educational activities, souvenirs and stickers. During the first month, a Traveler's Kit arrives in a fun orange suitcase. It holds everything a child needs to start learning about the world:
    • An activity book introducing new characters Max, Mia, and their dog Toby.
    • A wall-sized world map
    • Stickers and a wall decal
    • A luggage tag
    After the first month, a monthly World Theme Kit arrives, which contains:
    • An activity booklet
    • Souvenirs
    • Flashlight Adventures
    • Stickers and wall decals
    Early Explorers makes a unique holiday gift for children ages 3 to 5. Learn more about Early Explorers from Little Passports.


    ModCloth Gift Guide For Everyone

    **This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.
    'Tis the season for gifting! And ModCloth wants to help you find the perfect presents for everyone on your list with their 2014 Holiday Gift Gift. Shop using their handy categories, or check out presents inspired by trendsetting bloggers, including A Beautiful Mess, Oh Joy!, Girl with Curves. Utterly unique and endlessly fab. 

    No matter who you're shopping for, ModCloth has something for everyone at every price point!

    See below for MY top picks!

    Saturday, November 8, 2014

    Craftsy's Shop to Unlock Sale!

    (sponsored post)

    Don't miss Craftsy's Shop to Unlock Sale happening now! Get up to 50% off online classes for a limited time only! If you purchase a class during the flash sale, you will unlock a second set of classes on sale. For users that purchase, you will receive a subsequent email with a link "unlocking" the next set of classes. Hurry, this offer expires on November 9 at 11:59PM MT. Shop Craftsy's Shop to Unlock Sale now and save big.

    Run Time: Saturday 11/8 thru Sunday 11/9 11:59pm MT.
    Details: Up to 50% off online classes. Purchase a class over this two-day sale period to unlock a second set of classes on sale.
    Craftsy's Shop to Unlock Sale

    Friday, November 7, 2014

    What's Going On Around Phoenix?

    I'm starting a new "thing" here. I want to start sharing local events during the week. I know there's been several times that I found out about some event after the fact or when its already too late to plan.

    So here we go!

    The first installment of What's Going On Around Phoenix?!

    This weekend there is quite a bit! Let's start with what I'm doing today!

    Modcloth has Shoes on Sale + their Biggest Giveaway EVER!

    Right now, Modcloth is offering 25% off on shoes, no codes required! Simply click the banner below and order some shoes for yourself for the holiday parties coming up, or just because you really want a new pair of shoes! No guilt necessary! Plus, if you make a purchase, you'll be entered to win Modcloths biggest giveaway ever! See below for more details!

    Our Biggest Giveaway EVER!
    It's the most wonderful giveaway of the year, and Modcloth is giving my readers the chance to WIN! When you place an order between 11/6 and 11/11, you will automatically be entered for a chance to win one of fifty $50 gift certificates, one of two $500 gift certificates, or the grand prize, a $1,000 gift certificate + a VIP styling session! So if you buy your shoes, you'd be entered! Totally guiltless shopping trip!

    Holiday Sparkle Giveaway -- Lots of Gift Certificates & a VIP Styling Session 
    Launches: Monday, 11/6 at 10:00 a.m. PT 
    Ends: Friday, 11/11 at 10am PT. 

    This post contains affiliate links which may earn me compensation. This doesn't affect any offers available to you. It's like your way of saying "Thanks" to me! Thanks for your support!

    Thursday, November 6, 2014

    Keepsake Scrolls - Great Gift Idea!

    **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links
    I have birthday scrolls for my kids! I bought them from Birthday Express. I can attest that these are pretty cool. It lists the birth information for the child, but also gives historical facts on that date. It also gives prices for common items, and what happened during that year. To be honest, I want to buy one for me! LOL

    We're always looking for new ways to commemorate the birth of a child and celebrate a birthday. One beautiful way is with Keepsake Scrolls from Birthday Express. Personalized for the recipient, a scroll makes a great memento for yourself, your child, or someone special to you. 
    Each Keepsake Scroll features the top events, movies, music, trends, and more that happened on the day a child was born. Personalization includes: child's name, birthdate, and birth stats (time, height, weight, city, and state). Keepsake Scrolls are available in two sizes: 11"x14" (with or without a frame) and 7"x9" (without a frame), which is perfect for a baby book. 
    With over 60 different designs available, you can also choose from themes such as Trains, Football, Disney Princesses, and many more. Keepsake Scrolls are available for purchase for as little as $.89, up to $11.99. Check out a few of our favorite designs below!


    Disney Princess Keepsake Scroll
    Only $1.89
    Football Keepsake Scroll
    Only $7.99

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