Saturday, October 4, 2014

Speech Therapy + Sleep Study

So last week at the kids appointments, the pediatrician recommended that Bella start speech therapy. The main goal is to get her talking like she should be. She only says maybe six words and she is two years old. So we had her eval yesterday, and she qualifies. So she'll do an hour a week I think for now. We go on Tuesday for her first session. I think the big concern here is that since Eric has an autism disorder, that makes her chances quite high, too. Eric is 10 and is still getting speech therapy at school as part of his IEP. He is almost at goal though, so by the end of the school year that'll probably end for him.

We are also getting Eric a sleep study done to see if there is something going on biologically that may explain him waking up at night, even though his meds are supposed to keep him asleep. If he just woke up it wouldn't be so bad. But he hoards food and binge eats late at night. He isn't gaining a whole lot of weight (good metabolism I guess), but its wasting so much money in food costs. Example. Buy him a box of his own cereal for the weekends. He takes it and eats the whole box in one night. Yea, not normal! I heard of someone with a similar situation, and their kids internal clock was off balance. So they'd wake up in the middle of the night starving, so we're starting with the sleep study as a place to begin. Hopefully, we'll get some answers. We're waiting on them to call us back after they get what they need from the insurance.

I'm hoping that with both we get the answers we need and helps with both kids. I'll update as we have any updates on those.

Do your little ones have any similar issues? What have you done to try to help? Any advise?

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