Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Gwee

Ok, so you're probably saying what the heck is a Gwee? Well, its the most fabulous little product that you need in your life.

Do you wear glasses (Rx, fashion or sun)?
Do you have a smart phone?
Do you have a tablet?

Oh, you answered yes to one (or more) of the questions above? Well, then you need a Gwee.

Gwee is a fabulous company that makes amazing little things to clean our devises or glasses. These cute products are a much better way to clean your items (even your glasses). If you use your shirt, or pants, or whatever is around you, chances are there are germs all over it and you're wiping it on your glasses and putting it on your face!
These are the ones I have and was sent. I use them almost daily!

I know as a wearer of glasses they collect everything! Fingerprints, dust, oil from my face, makeup, sweat and who knows what else. I typically end up using my shirt because I have no clue where my cleaning cloth is. It's probably at the bottom of my purse along with the pieces of Kix my daughter threw in there, maybe some mints that fell out of their case and IDK what that sticky stuff is.... I'm sure most moms can relate! They use a proprietary Ultra-Fresh Anti-Microbial process from Thompson Research embedded into the Gwee cleaning pads keeping your screen hygienically clean.

So it's awesome to have this little product! I wish I would have thought of it first!

And because they are so awesome, I'm adding this to my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! If you know someone who wears glasses and/or works out, has gadgets, and is always cleaning screens, this is a great gift!

The Gwee Button is a fun one. While I don't have it adhered to my phone (I keep my phone in a case) I do keep this on my desk and use it often. As much as I like screen protectors on my phone, they don't cover edge to edge, so you can visually see they're used after a while (and I hate that!). So this stays on my desk and I can easily clean my phone when I need to, and I know where this one stays! Read more about the Gwee Button here. This one is $12.99 for a 2 pack.
Or check it out on Amazon!

The Gwee leaf is a fun one. It actually looks like a leaf. Simply use it to clean ANYTHING! This one also typically sits on my desk and I use it to clean glasses and phones when needed. I tend to notice crap on my glasses at the end of the day when I'm staring at my computer (like right now). The magnets in it help to hold one on the side of your laptop so its easily. I've also used this on glasses and phones LMAO. You see how these things are so universally needed! At least in my life. I could keep one in every room. I should buy a leaf and keep it in my bathroom attached to my towel bar because Lord knows I clean my glasses even before bed. I get OCD with it! Check them out here. It's $12.99, and you get 4.
Check it out on Amazon!

The Gwee keyring goes with me everywhere. I keep it on my key ring so I can use it on the go. It easily cleans my glasses or my phone whenever I need it. There is a magnet inside this one to keep it closed while you're out and about, however, I have not found it to ruin anything I use to clean it with. The magnet is deep within the Gwee so that it doesn't scratch my glasses or phone. My son even likes to use it to clean his sunglasses. This is $10.99 for 2. Read more about them here.
Check it out on Amazon!

So there is the Guppy Sport. This one is great because it can clip to your shirt while working out. It can hold the cord to your headphones and/or your glasses. It can be used to clean your glasses, too. This one has been nice for me when I'm walking in and out of stores while shopping and I don't want to keep putting my sunglasses in my purse or leave them in the car. I can clip them to my shirt no problem.  At only $12.99 for two and a variety of colors, this isn't a bad deal at all! There are plenty of people in your life who would love these, even you! You just don't know it yet! Check out the Gwee Sport here.
Check it out on Amazon!

Get 15% off any order using code AGwee4me
If you decide to buy, I'd love to see what color(s) you got! Use the hashtag #mytotallyrandomlife on Instagram!

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