Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Review: Adfilic Power Bank

I had the opportunity to receive the Adfilic Power Bank in exchange for my review. Here's what I think!

I love my cell phone. But for some reason lately the battery doesn't last nearly as long. Even though the majority of the phone is used at home on wifi, and I don't use it too often while out and about. I barely seem to make calls on it anymore (LOL). Even still, the battery just doesn't last for me. I've had it almost 8 months now. This is what happens to me and cell phones. *sigh*

I have an LG G2, and I love it. I have a charge adapter that plugs into the lighter thing in the car, but it really doesn't seem to charge well. So I was really excited to try a charge bank! I've been wanting one anyways!

Since I have an Android, the Micro USB cable works perfectly! I was a bit worried, but then I figured that most Androids probably share the same type of cable. *whew*

When it came, I immediately charged it up. To charge it, you place the Android charger into the charge bank, and then plug the USB into any wall charger. Once the light turns blue, its full. 
Once it was full, I plugged it into my phone. I didn't keep track of time, but my phone went from a 26% to a 52%. I was happy! So decided to really put it to the test. I didn't charge my phone one night (ok, or any night, I'll do it while I'm awake LOL). So in the morning the battery wasn't very strong. I turned off my phone, and charged it with the charge bank. To charge your phone, you simply plug the USB into the bank, and then the cord to your phone. My phone charges faster when its off, so that's why I turned it off. After about an hour, I was at about 30% from 10%. Works for me! And when my phone is on, it does charge, but as with most phones, its a bit slower. Enough though that if you're stranded on the side of the road you're phone won't die until help gets there!
I love this charger. While I wish the extra cords were removable, it isn't nearly as bothersome as it looks.

This is what it looks like in my hand. It easily fits in my purse (all of them!) and is easy to take it with anywhere I go.

I really have gotten the most use out of this since I received it. I charge it and keep it in my purse whenever I'm heaiding out. You'll never know when you need it! 

*hint hint* this would make a GREAT gift for the person in your life who can't live without their cell phone/tablet!

Go get yours! Why are you waiting!
Click the link below to get yours for $19.97 and free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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