Thursday, October 23, 2014

My New Fave Sunglasses

As a person who wears glasses, its super hard to go outside into the sun. Living in Arizona, its even harder. It feels like the sun is 100x closer than it does anywhere else. The sun is super bright here. Like, blinding. I don't want transitions glasses, and I can't wear contacts (the price is far too high for my Rx and the dailies). So I either wear no sunglasses, or find prescription sunglasses.

Luckily, I was offered a pair from I found these glasses, and immediately knew I wanted tint added to make them sunnies. These fun little cat eye glasses are fabulous. I have received glasses from other online glasses retailers and they never seem to be wide enough for my face. So I searched the site and they have the option to search by frame size. I searched extra wide, and found this pair!
I'm so happy with them. I added brown tint, as much as can be added (80%). I've never had brown tinted sunnies, but it's actually really nice! Especially here in AZ. I didn't think that the brown would feel as good as it does. But it really works for me.

These glasses are $24.95, and every pair include single vision lenses, anti scratch coating, protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth. I was actually surprised that these fit into the typical case, but they do! These glasses fit my face the way I could only have dreamed of a pair fitting. They are wide enough for me, and I really love this cat eye shape! I've never had cat eye glasses before. The glasses are plastic, which is great because that's what I like! I've never been a fan of metal frames.

This company is located in China, so it did take about 3 to 4 weeks to receive them. But I order quite a bit from China on Amazon so I'm familiar with, and will patiently wait for the shipping time. You can pay for expedited. However, even with expedited I don't know if it would be worth it as it has to get through customs on both sides, and it often takes longest to leave China. And that doesn't matter what you order or how big/small it is.

My readers can get a pair of RX glasses with 20% off sitewide using code:YTBJennifer  
If you just want to get a pair of frames (no RX) you can get 45% off using code: Y2B45 

So go order! I'd love to see the pair you get! 
Let me know if you have the same problems when it comes to wearing glasses and sunglasses! Have you ordered RX sunglasses?
If you order, I'd love to see what you got! Share on Instagram using #mytotallyrandomlife !!!! You may get a shout out on my Instagram!  

I was sent glasses for free in exchange for my honest review. No affiliate links are listed, nor do I get any compensation if you use my discount code. This review is 100% my own!

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