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Mary Lambert "Heart On My Sleeve" Album Review

I participated in the Mary Lambert Heart On My Sleeve album review program as a member of One2One Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own. 

You may have heard this name before, you may even recognize her voice. She is the beautiful vocal behind the hook for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' Same Love.  "...and I can't change, even if I tried, even if I wanted to, my love my love my love she keeps me warm..." You know it! You have it stuck in your head now! You have seen her sing that live on the 2014 Grammy Awards. You know, where Macklemore and Mary (by the way, she looked amazing in the red sparkly dress!) were joined by Queen Latifah and Madonna and married 33 same sex couples live on stage! By now you've probably also heard her single, Secrets (I don't care if the world know what my secrets are...).

But before the fame with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, she was just a regular girl who dreamed of headlining the big stage. She worked as a brunch waitress and bartender. Then she was discovered, and signed to Capital Records. She released an EP called Welcome To The Age of My Body which got nominated for two Grammy Awards; Song of the Year and Album of the Year. That just happened to be the same night she graced the stage to sing her part of the song and take part in those amazing couples getting married.

I love the list of goals she created for herself and her album;
-have fun
-create something catchy
-create something that positively impacts the world
-stay true to herself
-and make money (hey, don't we all?!)

She wants to buy her mom a house, which most people do when they make it big. She also wants to start a charity that offers free mental health screenings. And she wants to tip brunch waitresses with $100 bills. Well now I want to be a brunch waitress and beg her to come visit me lol.

She is a gorgeous woman, and I have to say, I love that she's a curvy girl. Someone who looks like me. Yes, I love Beyonce and Pink. And I'll admit to liking Taylor Swift's new song, however, I love it when you find women like Adele and Mary who love their curves and doesn't want to hide behind some ugly outfit. I love seeing curvy women take the stage and show other women that its OK to love themselves.

Listening to this album I feel happy. I feel like I get a peek into Mary's heart and soul.

Obviously Secrets is popular, and I love that she's putting all her cards on the table before anyone else tries to. Love that! The beat is catchy and the hook is memorable and unforgettable. Whenever I hear it I instantly turn it up and Karaoke out to it in the car (or in the house, or in the shower, etc).

So Far Away is a beautiful and touching song. "Kiss me like he world is gonna disappear, I'm a better person when you're here" is so beautiful. In my mind I can see the video being about a military family. He's so far away and she needs him home. Or maybe the couple were arguing and there feels like there is so much space between them at the moment... There are endless possibilities with this song, and I love it.

Rib Cage feat. Angel Haze_K.FLay has a mesmerizing beat. The melody and music are something otherworldly. Never heard of this Angel Haze person before, but I like what I hear. The way the bass hits, its so deep and entrancing.

Dear One is a poem. She is speaking the poem to soft piano music in the background. It's a loving and touching poem, I find it is touching, elegantly spoken, and wonderful.

When You Sleep is simple, beautiful, and everything right in the world. The music is simply a piano. She is saying what all she can do for the person, and that she'd be with them when they sleep. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

Chasing the Moon feels like a love story. Feels like teenagers having the time of their life, not having a care in the world. Talking about never getting old and chasing the moon never wanting it to end. I really like it. If only I could go back to the days when I was a teenager in high school without a care in the world. **ahh to be young**

Jessie's Girl is a remix to the original Rick Springfield song. It's slower, more romantic. When you hear it you can feel the longing in her voice. You can hear that she admires (maybe loves) this woman that Jessie has. She wants to be in Jessie's place. It brings a new meaning to the original song for me. I love this version.

Monochromatic  has lyrics that say "I dream in color, but my life's in black and white". I don't know why, but that touches me. This song has an eery, yet majestic feel to it. I feel a connection to it and its hard to explain... maybe its the musician in me (yes, I'm a singer, yes, I've sang on stage, no, I won't sing for you LOL). There's just.... something inside me that really feels this song and connects to it.

Heart on my Sleeve feels like a love song. To run away and enjoy life...  "..let me be your compass/ the light that you see in a sunset/ good love, your whole life". I feel like getting up and dancing as if Meredith and Christina were here with me and we had a bottle of alcohol in our hands (if you get the reference then you're awesome).

Wounded Animal is a song a lot of us can relate to. If you've been hurt before by someone you loved then you totally get this song. "I'm sorry I didn't try harder" and "I carried your love/ with a kind of urgency, scared/ I kept all my senses from feeling you too much". I feel like this is the song I would have had my husband listen to early on in our relationship. I had so many walls built up. Though I did try, and we did have our struggles early one, we got past it. But this song, its just so perfect.

Sum Of Our Parts is beautiful. We are more than our scars, we are more than the sum of our parts. I just want to leave it at that. It's absolutely beautiful and well written.

All in all, I absolutely love this album, and I'm super happy I got a chance to check it out and share my thoughts on it. I think this album is going to do great on the charts, and get nominated for awards. If not, then someone is crazy and smoking something. This girl is truly talented, and I'm so glad she's sharing her beautiful talents with us. 

If you haven't heard any thing from Mary Lambert, I highly suggest you seek out her album. The album, Heart On My Sleeve, is out now. Go get yourself a copy!

Follow Mary on her social media channels! 
Official Mary Lambert Website – www.marylambertsings.com  
Twitter – @marylambertsing 
YouTube –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqqqV50zaAc
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/marylambertsings  
She is also on Instagram (@marylambertsing)! I love seeing her photos!

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